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New products at Milano Design Week

2 May 2024

Santalucia Mobili’s showroom came to life for Milan Design Week, with interior design professionals and enthusiasts eager to see a preview of some of the new bedroom pieces coming soon. (…)

A wardrobe or a walk-in wardrobe? The pros and cons of every solution

22 March 2024

When it comes to organising the space set aside for clothing at home, choosing between a wardrobe and a walk-in wardrobe can be a crucial decision. Both solutions offer advantages (…)

How to furnish a modern bedroom: trends and ideas

21 February 2024

The bedroom is a personal refuge. It’s the first room we see when we wake up in the morning and the place we retire to in the evening after a (…)

Trends and ideas for a modern living room

14 November 2023

Designing a modern living room is much more than a matter of aesthetics and style choices. It’s about creating the right atmosphere for you, your family and your friends. A (…)

New horizons, and the dawn of a new day

16 October 2023

September was a month of new beginnings at Santalucia Mobili. “The dawn of a new day” is both the launch slogan for the new Homy living room collection, and the (…)

Inside All

30 October 2020

The perfect his & hers wardrobe

Santalucia Mobili’s Homy Notte collection can transform your bedroom into an organised, custom-made space. Wardrobes kitted out with internal fittings and furnishing accessories are the ideal way to create the (…)

11 September 2020

Homy: multiple styles for a unique bedroom

Homy Notte is Santalucia Mobili’s latest furniture collection, designed to bring together form and function. It includes a selection of design solutions to furnish different corners of your bedroom, and (…)

23 July 2020

Wardrobes that are good for your health

Santalucia Mobili has responded to the need for increasingly cleaner, more hygienic and sanitised spaces by introducing an important innovative feature in all of its new wardrobes: SilverCoat. Unit interiors (…)

14 May 2020

A teen bedroom in Pratico style

A bedroom is every young person’s world, the place where they explore their own creativity. This is why it needs to be suitable not only for rest and relaxation, but (…)

2 April 2020

Spring at Santalucia Mobili

You only have to look out the window to see that spring has blossomed. We want to bring all of the delicate beauty of the outdoors into your home at (…)

19 March 2020

New challenges for the future

“The future is no longer what it once was”: this is how the “Business, finance and sustainability” conference opened on 20 February 2020. It was a bold opening statement and a decisive (…)

25 July 2019

5 Design-Themed summer reads

Whether immersed in the fresh, cool greenery of the mountains, sat under a sunshade on the beach with your toes in the hot sand, or stretched out in a hammock (…)

15 January 2019

Young interior design is Pratico

What do young people look for in furniture?Style and functionality, but also the best price-to-quality ratio. All of this can be found in the bedroom and living room collections by Pratico, designed (…)

22 October 2018

Chromotherapy and interior design

Whether energising, stress-relieving, relaxing or soothing, colours matter – and they can influence our mood. That is why it is important to choose them carefully when furnishing our homes. Some (…)