Pordenonelegge: ideas for storing your books, by Homy - Santalucia

Pordenonelegge: ideas for storing your books, by Homy

18 September 2019

From 18 to 22 September, the streets of Pordenone, one of our region’s beautiful cities, turned yellow for the cultural event ‘Pordenonelegge, the book festival with the authors’: an unmissable event for all book lovers.

To mark the occasion, we want to talk about books too, or rather bookcases. If you love reading, you’ll know how important it is to have a special place for your books (including the ones we recommend this summer!).
Here are some furniture solutions from the Integra collection by Homy: a bookcase or wall composition for every reader. What kind of reader are you?

#1 The avid reader: a large bookcase.

If you love to devour books and surround yourself with them, you’re going to need a lot of space to archive and collect them all. The ideal solution for you is a large bookcase with lots of shelves and plenty of space to fill, creating different sized compartments to make your wall composition more dynamic.

If you want even more space for storing your favourites books, you can also opt for open compartments. What’s more, by adding a sliding door, your bookcase can also secretly be home to other items for your leisure and relaxation, like a TV. You can pull it out when you need to, and hide it away when you’re done, leaving just your books on display.

#2 The reader-come-writer: a bookcase with a home office

Do you enjoy writing as well as reading books? A bookcase with a built-in desk is the solution for you.

This practical work and storage space next to your books provides a multi-purpose corner, ideal for reading a good book in absolute relaxation, or equally for letting your imagination run free.

#3 The occasional reader: open units and shelves

If reading for you is a way of switching off from everyday life and enjoying something lighter along with other hobbies and pastimes, then we recommend using modular storage units to furnish the space, with open and closed compartments that best meet your needs. Books can be stored on shelves or in the open-fronted units, without being too formally structured, and mixed with other objects and keepsakes. A book is always to hand, surrounded by all of the other stories the space has to tell.

#4 The design-obsessed reader: a built-in bookcase

If you love reading about design, your books need a unique, customised space that combines shapes, patterns and colours.

By adding oblique dividers, you can add character to your bookcase, leaving room for your books, as well as to experiment with functional yet original solutions.

The shelves also have a unique design, meaning that as well as providing storage for your books, they also add interest to your living room walls.

Bookcases and wall compositions are pieces of furniture that say something about you as a reader and they tell many different stories, just like the books resting on them.

Download the catalogue to find out more about the Integra collection by Homy.