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All materials

A wide selection of high quality materials, colours and finishes. Browse through the superb technical features and original effects to create the perfect combination for your space.


Wood-based panels

Wood is available as recycled melamine panels covered with decorative paper or untreated wood-based panels. In addition to the visual impact of the visible grain, our Woods are hygienic and safe, thanks to an anti-microbial coating with proven effectiveness. A wide range of panels comply with CARB formaldehyde emission.

Matwood White
Matwood Grey
Matwood Honey
Matwood Coffee
Matwood Dark

Eco Colours

Melamine or untreated panels

Eco Colours are made of recycled melamine panels or untreated wood-based panels. Surfaces are treated with an antimicrobial varnish that provides robust resistance to bacteria, mould and microorganisms. These panels comply with CARB P2 and US EPA.

Eco Bianco
Eco Avorio
Eco Limo
Eco Pepe
Eco Marna

Textured finishes

Stone-effect cladding

This cladding for furniture and furnishings creates a beautiful natural surface texture when applied to 100% recycled wood melamine panels. Our decorative stone effects are perfect for furnishing rooms with a pure-look texture finish in a material that is both versatile and durable.



Matt and glossy lacquers

Santalucia Mobili lacquers deliver excellent aesthetic results. Colours are opaque and do not yellow. Thanks to the uniform coverage achieved in the workshop, they also stay intact over time. Matt lacquers have 8-10 gloss opacity, ensuring high colour intensity. Glossy lacquers are brushed to enhance surface shine. BIO ICA water-based lacquers are used for both types of lacquering. Fully certified and obtained from non-toxic and environmentally friendly renewable raw materials, they ensure the product lacquering process is sustainable.

Verde Ombra
Terra di Siena
Rosa Antico
Ral – only matt

Wardrobe interior

Antibacterial finishes

The internal surfaces of Santalucia Mobili wardrobes are treated with a special coating using silver ion technology, which keeps interiors clean and reduces the spread of bacteria. SilverCoat surfaces are available in the Biancospino wood-effect and Fabrik finishes, both suitable for residential use and in hotels.



A textured touch

Textured coatings applied to 100% recycled-wood melamine panels reproduce the timeless elegance of marble on fronts, tops and panelling. These versatile finishes feature a distinctive vein pattern and come in a choice of two different colours: the dark, intense tones of Grafite, and the light, bright look of Statuario. The perfect decorative detail, for interiors seeking both aesthetic beauty and functional strength and durability.



Stripe-grain oak wood panels

Veneers are made of half-flame stripe oak wood, achieved by sanding and brushing before staining and varnishing in several finishes. The uniformity of the surface is ensured by “ragging”. In this technique the pores of the panel expand and can then be filled with colour, which prevents spotting. The just-in-time production of veneers means that demand can be met and the quality of the end result is maximised.

Legno Steppa
Legno Savana
Legno Tundra
Legno Giungla

Matt fretted lacquers

Matt tactile finishes

The Grecato finish consists of a contoured MDF wood panel, coated with PET foil and lacquered to finish. The surface finish reproduces a fluted effect, creating dynamic visual interest and a 3D tactile touch.

Grecato Bianco
Grecato Avorio
Grecato Ghiaia
Grecato Limo
Grecato Pepe
Grecato Antimonio
Grecato Marna
Grecato Ardesia
Grecato Nero
Grecato Ecrù
Grecato Nevada
Grecato Nebbia
Grecato Basalto
Grecato Petrolio
Grecato Giada
Grecato Salvia
Grecato Verde Ombra
Grecato Foresta
Grecato Maggese
Grecato Cuoio
Grecato Ambra
Grecato Tramonto
Grecato Terra di Siena
Grecato Rosa Antico
Grecato Pesca
Grecato Mosto
Grecato Bordeaux
Grecato Ruggine
Grecato Champagne Metal
Grecato Bronzo Metal
Grecato Titanio Metal


Melamine panels

The texture of the Trama finish is a unique aesthetic when applied to melamine panels. The different depths and widths of the square tiles in the Rubik version, with a thickness of 0.6 mm, create an original mosaic effect. Whereas, in the Tela version, with thickness 0.5 mm, lines and volumes interweave against square backgrounds to give the visual effect of woven fabric.



Untreated wood-based panels

The Tissù finish has a special texture that makes the surface pleasantly tactile. It is applied to untreated panels made from 100% reused wood in a certified production system that guarantees solid, compact, strong and eco-sustainable products.


Metallic paints

Bright metallic lacquering

The MDF panels are finished with a special matt coating with a bright metallic effect made with bio-resins. This ensures the furniture in your interiors has an elegant, refined surface finish.

Metallic Champagne
Metallic Bronzo
Metallic Titanio

Metal paints

Surfaces with lustre

Dull metallic paints are obtained from a polyurethane coating, and are more resistant and durable than conventional paints. They give the surfaces of your unit frames and handles a shiny effect, in two colour shades.


Fresh Colour

Melamine panels

The three distinctive colours in the Fresh range – Zucchero, Cedro and Amarena – reproduced on a melamine support. The panels’ polyurethane glue edging makes them suitable even for humid environments and resistant to extreme temperature changes.



Tempered glass panels

The glass used by Santalucia Mobili is available in several colours. Tempered glass withstands bending pressure and temperatures of up to 250°C, and it is an excellent choice for the environment as it is 100% recyclable.

Reflective tempered glass panes

Stopsol glass is a reflective finish that creates a unique translucent effect. It is also available with two-tone fading screen printing as a coffee table finish. The table surface is decorated with a fading coloured pattern which gradually becomes more opaque and changes according to the light and angle.

Stopsol Verde
Stopsol Rosa


Reflective surfaces, 4 mm thick

Mirrors come in an Argento or Bronzo finish and are 4 mm thick. They are covered with a splinter protection film to protect against knocks or breakages. The sheet edges are ground to give them a smooth and even finish, and make sure they’re safe where the mirrors are frameless.



Certified removable covers

The fabrics Santalucia Mobili uses are made in Italy and available in several weaves and colours, providing a wide range of options for personalising upholstered furniture. With a selection of stain-resistant options, they are practical to maintain, by washing at low temperatures or dry cleaning, and are easy to iron. Some cotton fabrics are also certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), an international organisation promoting responsible, sustainable development in the textile industry. The cotton in these fabrics is made from waste from the fashion and knitwear industry. The offcuts are mechanically torn up and reduced to fibres before being mixed with a small quantity of pre-dyed polyester and acrylic fabric. The yarn obtained from this process is then used to make a new fabric: recycled cotton.

Bari fabric

Bari 01
Bari 130
Bari 26
Bari 80
Bari 90
Bari 07
Bari 56
Bari 616
Bari 617
Bari 666

Milano fabric

Milano 20
Milano 130
Milano 622
Milano 24
Milano 13
Milano 19
Milano 27
Milano 09
Milano 07
Milano 205

Roma fabric

Roma 10
Roma 12
Roma 13
Roma 02
Roma 46
Roma 45
Roma 22

Venezia fabric

Venezia 200
Venezia 20
Venezia 27
Venezia 100
Venezia 130
Venezia 204
Venezia 10
Venezia 101
Venezia 14

Genova fabric

Genova 200
Genova 616
Genova 619
Genova 002
Genova 130
Genova 615
Genova 10
Genova 105
Genova 205
Genova 666

Napoli fabric

Napoli 02
Napoli 06
Napoli 07
Napoli 08
Napoli 33

Palermo fabric

Palermo 01
Palermo 616
Palermo 100
Palermo 615
Palermo 800
Palermo 18
Palermo 13
Palermo 15

Como fabric

Como 10
Como 13
Como 252
Como 61
Como 168
Como 173
Como 235
Como 204
Como 144
Como 121

Firenze fabric

Firenze 200
Firenze 20
Firenze 19
Firenze 27
Firenze 205
Firenze 800
Firenze 615
Firenze 10
Firenze 13
Firenze 643

Urbino fabric – Recycled cotton

Urbino 02
Urbino 03
Urbino 04
Urbino 08
Urbino 05
Urbino 09
Urbino 14
Urbino 16


Synthetic upholstery

Santalucia Mobili Eco-leathers are made in Italy and reproduce the tactile and visual characteristics of real leather. They are extremely functional and have fire-retardant and stain-resistant properties. Stains can be removed with a soft sponge dipped in a neutral soapy water, or in alcohol for stubborn dirt. Santalucia Mobili Eco leathers contain no phthalates and are antibacterial, making them an excellent choice in terms of hygiene.

London eco-leathers

London 01
London 6692
London 6776
London 8854
London 5800
London 8875
London 8738
London 16

Paris eco-leathers

Paris 750
Paris 750
Paris 140
Paris 280
Paris 20