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About us

Santalucia Mobili is a well-organised, tenacious and dynamic company, driven by enthusiasm and teamwork.
We want to grow and improve, and it is here that our furniture takes shape, making us known around the world.

“We have changed the angle, turning marginal features such as storage units
into modular spaces for living our daily lives.”

Our corporate identity

A company’s vision and mission are what guide its decisions regarding strategy and its concrete, long-term objectives. They define why a company exists, what it wants to do and how it intends to help make the world a better place.

How what we believe
translates into what we do

Values are a fundamental bridge between our beliefs and our actions. They guide and direct our actions and infl uence our day-to-day experience. This is why defi nition of these values increases a sense of belonging within the company for employees, generating a strong sense of motivation leading to achievement of shared goals.

A stone’s throw from Venice

We are based in Prata di Pordenone in Friuli Venezia Giulia, strategically located between Trieste and Venice. We are only an hour away from the Venetian Lagoon, which has always been considered one of the world’s most beautiful spots with its distinctive canals and unique architecture.


Santalucia Mobili

Santalucia Mobili was founded in a craftsman’s workshop, where a passion for furniture and design kick started production of fitted single-bedroom furniture.


Night space

We had big dreams for our bedrooms, and we moved from manufacturing single to our first double-bedroom furniture.


Living space

From the bedroom, our taste for furniture led us to another important part of the house, the living space. This is when we created our first dining room.



Driven by our creativity, we were a little more daring and had fun with design. This is how the first modular Santalucia Mobili wardrobe collection was created.


Modular bedroom spaces

Why not extend the modular approach from wardrobes to the entire bedroom? We transformed our product offering from fitted bedrooms to modular collections.


Modular living spaces

We began to see modular units as a concept to apply throughout the house. Santalucia Mobili began offering the first collection of modular living rooms.


The restyle

The time had come to revamp our image in the workplace. Our offices had a makeover and the new corporate showroom was created.



In order to be more competitive on the market and continue to guarantee high quality standards, we launched a second automated production site.


50 years

Santalucia Mobili turned 50 and we entered a new era. We looked at what was to come, firmly rooted in where we had come from, and the passion we were known for.


Logo restyle

The new Santalucia Mobili logo and 3 product-line brands were created. To represent different ways of furnishing and interpreting the home, with the same product quality.


Design Store

Our Design Store opened in the futuristic City Life district of Milan. It is a space to draw inspiration for creating a fresh, elegant and functional home.


Up-to-date technology

We have installed a new squaring and edge-banding line in the production department.


A revamped look and new products

The website has been revamped in its design and content, the company showroom now features thematic areas (such as the materials library) and is interactive, and the latest Homy Notte collection has been launched.


Fresh challenges

At Santalucia Mobili, sustainability forms part of our Lean philosophy, as a way of further improving production efficiency and reducing the company’s environmental impact.


Member of the Ecological Panel Consortium

As part of growing sustainability efforts, Santalucia Mobili joined the Consortium to guarantee the use of 100% recycled FSC® C119775 -certified wood panels in its production processes.


New Homy living room collection

Santalucia Mobili launched the new Homy living-room collection: more modular units for living rooms and bookcases, new furnishings and accessories, plus sustainable, innovative finishes. It also introduced a new concept of furniture ranges: versatile, flexible and customisable furnishing ideas that leave you free to create your composition.

Santalucia mobili tells its story through its logo

Our story can also be told through the evolution of the company logo,
which lived through the decades until the latest restyle which gave it its current look.

Passionate about quality

A combination of technology and skilled hands transforms our research into modern, high-quality products and customised furnishings. We combine attention to detail, automation and efficiency.

thousand m² production area
employees employed
daily panels
thousand packages per year

All of our production processes

Production and innovation: men, women and machines working together to create high-quality furniture.

Creativity and ingenuity combined with important investments in digitization and the use of latest generation machinery make it a company that is increasingly structured and efficient to face the challenges of the future.

The processing centres carry out all stages with precision, resulting from specific technology and research investment policies.

We design personal solutions

We follow all new developments in the world of materials, finishes and workmanship with interest,
to make sure we are always able to meet the needs of a diverse and attentive public.

“We continue the journey begun in 2012, taking timely action as part of a broader corporate strategy covering even more aspects of our business and putting people front and centre.”

New challenges for a sustainable future

Santalucia Mobili is taking concrete action to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals
set out in the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

Investments in


Respect for the

A virtuous

More energy

Our sustainable actions