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Santalucia Mobili

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L’alba di un nuovo Giorno

In this video, Santalucia Mobili presents the new Homy living room collection for 2023. From the warm glow of dawn to the fullness of day, the Homy collection is a part of your everyday life. Find style, design and function in this furniture and create spaces to be lived in and shared.

Santalucia Mobili is a meeting between different souls

Creativity and ingenuity combined with important investments in digitization and the use of latest generation machinery make it a company that is increasingly structured and efficient to face the challenges of the future.

Design identity

We start with where we come from and our roots, to furnish your homes with high-quality, well-designed furniture.


All of our production processes

A combination of technology and skilled hands transforms our research into modern, high-quality products and customised furnishings. We combine attention to detail, automation and efficiency.

Santalucia Mobili tells its story through its logo

Our story can also be told through the evolution of the company logo, which lived through the decades until the latest restyle which gave it its current look.


Enter the heart of Santalucia Mobili production

The words of Jacopo Galli (CEO Santalucia Mobili) and Ennio Marcon (Plant Operations Manager) describe the company’s production process, a structured and organized system from a Lean and sustainable perspective.

Up-to-date technology

We have installed a new squaring and edge-banding line in the production department.