Luxury System - Santalucia

Luxury living & night range

Style and elegance are everywhere, from the living room to the bedroom. The distinctive feature
of the Luxury range is its glass door with aluminium profiles. This combination of materials creates the perfect balance between see-through effects and strength, for furniture such as display units, sideboards,
wall units and walk-in wardrobes.

Luxury Living

Living Space
Homy Collection

A touch of elegant luxury.

Luxury doors define the look of display units and bookcases in the living room. Finished in see-through glass, they are perfect for flaunting the continuous finish across the unit interior and exterior. Finished in Stopsol, they are ideal for concealing what’s behind the doors. Different styles, for a uniquely elegant furnishing.

Lighting effects

One further stylish touch in the Luxury range is the lighting, which features prominently in the interiors.
Backlit shelving with LED strip lights accentuates the finish carried across the unit interiors and exteriors.
The overall effect is quite spectacular, catching the eye of anyone who comes into the room.

Elegant glass used for the Luxury doors gives the wall units their identity.
Making excellent use of this material, they add to the sophisticated look of this design.

Luxury Night

Homy Collection

Walk-in wardrobes
with glass doors.

The Luxury door defines the look of the walk-in wardrobe from every angle. The unique glass sides mean that the internal fittings have all been specially designed and their style is fully coordinated. The partially see-through effect created gives the furniture real appeal.

The open walk-in wardrobe can be built into a closed unit composition.
You can also choose from a range of different doors, partitions and interior fittings.

Homy collection