Walk-in closet Luxury - Santalucia

Walk-in closet Luxury

The distinctive through-frame creates an ultra-light structure,
in which shelves and drawer units are freely placed.
Homy collection

Customised style

Luxury is a versatile walk-in closet composition, designed to offer lots of different layout options
thanks to this collection’s exclusive feature: the aluminium frame.

The walk-in dressing room meets the closed wardrobe.

Integrated lights

Recessed LED lights run along the height of the uprights illuminating the structure,
making it easier to see what’s inside and creating atmosphere inside the wardrobe.

The wardrobe can divide two areas within a single space. The see-through look and
lighting integrated into the uprights spotlights the clothes inside, as though on show in a display cabinet.
The side panels closing off the unit come in wood or glass.
You can choose from a range of different doors, partitions and interior fitting.


Body - Door - Wooden internal accessories


Body - Door - Wooden internal accessories

Matwood Dark

Door frame - side panel and dividers frame - glass framed shelves

Metallic Titanio

Glass door - shelves - side panels


Door mirror