Evan Sofa System - Santalucia

Evan Sofa range

The Evan modular range combines comfy sofas and practical pieces from the Homy collection.
Create a versatile design for your living room that ticks all the boxes. Skilful use of the space and furniture
that adapts to your needs and furnishing style are guaranteed.

Evan range
modular units

Living Space
Homy Collection

Evan sofa range with
wood panelling.

This combination is ideal for smaller rooms, where it’s especially important to make efficient use of the available space. Standard wood panelling can be combined with the Evan sofa, or a traditional sofa, as it’s a self-supporting design. You can position these elements freely along the back of the sofa or next to a wall to organise your space in different ways.

An alternative is the Scacco panelling, exclusively for the Evan sofa with an end unit.
It offers all the practical features from the Scacco range like a practical desk/catchall top.

Evan range
modular units

Living Space
Homy Collection

Evan sofa range
with bookcase unit.

The Evan sofa can also be combined with bookcase units of different lengths, with 2-5 compartments as required. Create the height that suits your needs. The bookcase units fit with the Evan sofa that has an end unit, offering storage and display space for everyday living.

The compartments can be open or closed with hinged doors or a tilt mechanism.
In both cases, they can be coloured and finished to taste.

Evan sofa range with desk

Transform the space with a simple L-shaped desk top and a generous sofa, creating a more structured design,
perfect for contemporary living. Add more functions to a shared living space with this interior design idea: a desk on the back
of the sofa to introduce a practical study space to your R&R corner.

Examples of

Sofa back panelling
Bookcase with compartments
Scacco boiserie panels
Desk unit

Homy collection