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23 January 2024
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Partition bookcases for stylish division of spaces

The search for functional and customised solutions, adapted to the specific dimensions of a space and individual tastes, has become a priority for contemporary furniture. In this context, partition bookcases (…)

23 February 2023

Furnishing with marble effects

Make your mark with a marble effect. Decorate fronts, wall panels and tops with Homy Giorno, opting for finishes that reproduce natural marble textures to give the living room a (…)

20 May 2021
api iniziativa adozione alveare

Adopt a beehive. Save the planet

In 2017, the UN designated 20 May World Bee Day. Why that date? Because it’s the birthday of Anton Janša, who pioneered modern beekeeping techniques in his native Slovenia in (…)

2 April 2020

Spring at Santalucia Mobili

You only have to look out the window to see that spring has blossomed. We want to bring all of the delicate beauty of the outdoors into your home at (…)

22 October 2018

Chromotherapy and interior design

Whether energising, stress-relieving, relaxing or soothing, colours matter – and they can influence our mood. That is why it is important to choose them carefully when furnishing our homes. Some (…)

18 September 2018

Upcoming design events not to be missed

The summer holidays are now all but a distant memory, and we are enjoying the last rays of sunshine before we officially say goodbye to the summer. But next season (…)

7 August 2018

Art and design on holiday

Some people just can’t be without all things design, or art in general, even when they are on holiday. In fact, there are those who use their summer break to (…)

10 July 2018

6 ideas for a super stylish wardrobe

We are back on the topic of wardrobes, this time looking at style. Previously, we explored the different types of wardrobe available; now we want to guide you through the limitless world (…)

19 March 2018

Pink: from fashion to furniture

The start of the pink era It would seem it all began in 2014; Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel was on the big screen and we were all hit by (…)

12 March 2018

A space for our four-legged friends

People-friendly living spaces When we design a living room, we think about how we can make it comfortable and functional for the people who live in it. There needs to (…)