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Furnishing with marble effects

23 February 2023

Make your mark with a marble effect. Decorate fronts, wall panels and tops with Homy Giorno, opting for finishes that reproduce natural marble textures to give the living room a sophisticated, elegant look.

Light or dark marble?

The Grafite finish takes its name from a prized Iranian marble, deep grey in colour and with light-coloured veining. The Statuario finish is inspired by a typical Italian Carrara marble, considered one of the finest. It has a light background and irregular grey veining.

Choose your colour according to the effect you want to create. Dark marble is ideal for classy, modern ambiances, while light marble adds a traditional touch even to modern, designer spaces.

In both cases, using marble, however subtly, creates an allure of elegance.  

Intense dark marble

If you dare to be bold, use Grafite marble on wall-mounted base units, TV panelling, and bookcase and display unit backs.

Pair it with Matwood Dark for a more intense, textured look, using glass elements and interior lighting to soften the overall finish.

You can create a similar effect by limiting the marble finish to the base unit tops and wall panelling.

To avoid creating a dark, gloomy feel, Grafite marble should be used in spaces with plenty of natural daylight, and extra lighting should be added, for example inside the display unit, to create atmosphere.

Bright light marble 

Light marble has been used on the sliding panels and doors on the feature wall units, plus the Dominik table.

The shared Statuario finish brings the units together and creates a sense of harmony when used alongside a natural wood shade like Matwood Coffee.

Light marble is also a good choice for small, poorly lit spaces, introducing natural brightness.

Architectural features reminiscent of classical settings like arches, and neo-classical decorations like cornices along the walls and stucco on the ceilings, provide the ideal backdrop for light marble furniture.

Marble effect and colour

Whether light or dark, marble effects can be combined with coloured features. A warm, vibrant colour like Mosto brings to life dark marble tones.

A bluey-grey colour like Marna modernises light marble tones.

Browse the catalogue of marble-effect finishes for more inspiration from Santalucia Mobili.