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6 ideas for a super stylish wardrobe

10 July 2018

We are back on the topic of wardrobes, this time looking at style. Previously, we explored the different types of wardrobe available; now we want to guide you through the limitless world of finishes. While it is true that a wardrobe’s structure is what determines how practical it is to use, the choice of materials and colours can change the look of the whole room. The wardrobe is such an important and imposing piece of furniture after all! Here are some of our wardrobe style ideas.

#1 One-colour wardrobes

Let’s start with the most common choice: a one-colour finish. The monochromatic look is one of the most elegant, modern solutions there is. It works perfectly for wardrobes with clean lines, especially those with sliding doors, where the sheer size of the fronts is really brought out, thanks to the sleek, simple finish. This style choice is also perfect for large wardrobes and spacious rooms. When your furniture makes a statement through its size, the finish needs to complement it, without weighing it down.

#2 Wardrobes with wooden inserts

If you want to add an original touch to your wardrobe, then a wooden insert could be just what you need; the possibilities are endless and fully customisable. A wooden insert on a lacquered base can add a natural, handmade look to your wardrobe. You can use wood grain as an accent on handles, drawers and open compartments, or equally you could use it to create a wide band across the middle of the wardrobe, to break up the vertical expanse.

#3 Glass wardrobes

Glass is what you could call a modern classic, a key element in the modern bedroom that never dates. The see-through effect makes the composition feel light and airy, and brightens up the space. This wardrobe with hinged glass doors and a nickel frame is the perfect example: the frosted glass and lighting inside create a soft, translucent effect that allows you to see inside the wardrobe, without revealing all.

#4 Wardrobes with mirrors

One type of insert in particular is functional as well as being irresistible: the mirror. A must when it comes to the bedroom space, it can also create great lighting and visual effects when used vertically on sliding wardrobe doors.

What’s more, mirrors really amplify the space. So, if you have a small bedroom, or one that doesn’t get much light, a wardrobe with mirrored doors is the one for you. Go for a bronze mirror to create an even warmer and more inviting feel.

#5 Wardrobes with original details

Now for the really creative ideas. Again, the possibilities are endless. There really are so many options to satisfy even the most demanding of tastes!
For example, if you’re looking for a finish with a really refined, luxury appeal, why not go for a wardrobe with eco-leather handles?

Or if you prefer more of a deco look that still feels modern, why not choose the inserts with a spatula-painted effect?

Another hot trend is to use inserts with a textured finish, that imitate the look of fabric. These retro-feel accent features can be used to decorate not only the wardrobe itself, but also other pieces of furniture in the bedroom.

This list would not be complete without metallic-effect finishes: to be used with caution in thin vertical strips and on the handleless grooves along the doors.

Even traditional materials like wood can be used in original ways for wardrobe inserts: in the image below, it has been used to create a tile mosaic, where each piece has a different shade and grain, in a strip running across the wardrobe.

In another example, inspiration has been taken from the staves of a barrique barrel, where the seasoned wood has a absorbed the reddish tones of the wine. The end result is quite spectacular, and unique.

#6 Decorative wardrobes

And now for the grand finale finish: doors decorated with large, vertical, multicolour panels. The wardrobe looks like wallpaper and masks its imposing size in an original way, blending in perfectly with the space. That’s a wrap for our focus on wardrobe style!
There are of course many more ideas you can explore: when it comes to style and design, creativity knows no limits.