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Summer nights, in Homy style: 5 practical tips

25 July 2018

Every season has its own style, and dressing according to the weather outside – whether hot, mild or chilly – or changing colours like the leaves on the trees is something reserved not just for us, but our homes too. Now that summer is well and truly here, we want to give you some advice on how to make your bedroom a fresh, comfortable and relaxing place to be.

#1 Pale, natural shades

Go for white and team it with natural wood and neutral shades for your furniture, furnishings and accessories. It goes without saying that changing your furniture every season is out of the question, but if you have a holiday home – perhaps by the sea, up in the mountains or out in the countryside – you might want to consider opting for an all-season bedroom in neutral colours. You will never get bored of it. All you need to do is tweak a few details here and there for the perfect bedroom all year round. Our advice? The Talak knotted wood bed and padded headboard paired with pieces from the Sistema collection.

#2 Linen bed sheets and lightweight fabrics

In the summer, we want everything to look and feel light and airy, both it terms of colour and consistency, from the curtains to rugs and bed linen. Linen is a summer fabric par excellence, and by far the best choice when it comes to getting a cool night’s sleep. Linen is a temperature-regulating and breathable material, which helps to keep your body temperature constant. This fabric’s natural crumpled effect also makes it perfect for bed sheets! Those who can’t sleep without the air con especially need something light to pull over them to hand. If you like fabric-upholstered beds, we recommend Urban.

#3 A touch of green

It is a myth that having plants in your bedroom uses up oxygen. In fact, they promote wellbeing and help you to feel relaxed. They can even help you sleep better. This is especially true for succulents, which absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the night (instead the other way round). Plus, they look great too. So where should you put them? In front of a window, behind one the Sistema dressers.

#4 Soft lighting

On a fresh summer’s evening with a light breeze outside, it is nice to sleep with the windows open, perhaps so you can look out over a pretty view too. Choosing lighting that is not too harsh will help you to create the perfect ambiance, and deter the mosquitoes from coming inside with you. Having a built-in light on the headboard could be the perfect solution – practical and effective, just like our Parentesi bed.

#4 A comfy corner and a good supply of books

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a good book, perhaps finishing off the ones you started earlier in the year and haven’t found the time to finish. All you need is a good armchair and lamp to create a comfy corner just for you to enjoy the long summer evenings.