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Green: a colour choice that never dates

28 March 2023

Colours matter in interior design. They play an important role in how we feel in our home. Green is a calm, relaxing colour by definition. It brings a touch of nature, and all its chromatic benefits, into the home.

There are of course many shades of green. At Santalucia Mobili, our colour palette includes the “Verde Ombra” lacquer: a balanced hue, it is neither too light nor too dark. It works perfectly in any space and with all furnishings.

A welcoming splash of green

The entrance area is where you welcome people into your home, which is why it should be inviting. All you need to create a modern yet natural style is two bookcase units lacquered in green, matched to a neutral colour and natural grain.

Green accents in the living room

In the living room, green is also used alongside a neutral shade for the bookcase, and a dark wood grain for the sideboard. Sliding doors create movement in the space and the Verde Ombra colour really brings out their design. A green sofa naturally adds a final functional touch to the living area. Plus it fully reflects the room’s restful, relaxing ambiance.

All-green bedroom

Green walls and a green ceiling create a “box” effect, for a cosy cocoon that feels perfect for R&R. The Plinio bed has a fabric-upholstered headboard in a tone-on-tone design. It creates the feeling of being in a world of your own, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A place to let go and dream.

A walk-in wardrobe with a green glow

The Bold walk-in wardrobe has also had a green makeover to coordinate with the rest of the house. Its imposing profiles and doors coloured in the same shade, and combined with a wood-finish interior, equate to a striking textural and chromatic contrast.

Thanks to its calming influence, green is the perfect choice for a wardrobe area, where keeping things organised and tidy is the order of the day – especially as the seasons change.

cabina armadio Bold doppia finitura e forte spessore

The Da Vinci occasional table has a unique see-through glass design in shades of green that become progressively more opaque. This changes the look of the furniture in different lights and from different angles.

Explore all Santalucia Mobili’s colours and finishes in the materials area and furnish your home to suit a style that never dates – your own!