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A space for our four-legged friends

12 March 2018

People-friendly living spaces

When we design a living room, we think about how we can make it comfortable and functional for the people who live in it. There needs to be a space for storing and displaying books, lamps, holiday souvenirs, family photos and all of the things that are a part of our daily lives.

Four-legged housemates

But there are often others living in our homes as well as us, who are not always taken into consideration by interior designers. They are, to all intents and purposes, a part of the family, as well as very fond users of the living room space. We could say, without going too far, that they spend much more time there than us, especially when we are out at work or at school. Who are we referring to? Our four-legged friends, of course!

Our cats and dogs are always there to provide us with unconditional love and affection, without asking for anything in return. And in return we ask them to get down from the sofa and make them sleep in a bed in a corner of the room. This does not seem fair, given all our furry friends ask for in return for their loyalty is to spend time in our company.

A pet-friendly living room

Dandy, the new living room furniture collection by Santalucia Mobili, finally offers the space our cats and dogs deserve. The long, low floor-standing base units open up into practical open-fronted compartments which are easy to access and perfect for storing soft, squashy beds, preferably padded with down and upholstered in wool or cotton.

As well as providing a practical space just for them, the versatile Dandy collection offers the advantage of being positioned sufficiently close to their beloved owners to suit dogs, but far enough away to offer the seclusion and intimacy preferred by cats. To sum up, Dandy is the perfect solution to please both pet and owner in terms of practicality, as well as style and beauty.