Spring at Santalucia Mobili - Santalucia

Spring at Santalucia Mobili

2 April 2020

You only have to look out the window to see that spring has blossomed. We want to bring all of the delicate beauty of the outdoors into your home at this time of year, with furnishings and style advice inspired by Santalucia Mobili’s collections.

Pink mood

Bring some colour into your spaces and let it permeate the room, from the walls to the furniture, creating atmosphere and adding character.
This color is sure to feature if you want to create that perfect spring feel and you can have fun with infinite tones and shades, from the darkest to lightest. It has slowly won over everyone and everything, moving away from being exclusively feminine, to seduce an entire generation in the form of Millennial Pink.

Millennial Pink is as soft and sophisticated as the petals of a flower in full bloom, and as the Dandy sideboard design by Ikona.

The shade elegantly dresses the drawer fronts, creating an appealing contrast with the natural wood finishes and bold grey lacquer.

This delicate touch of colour finds its place in interiors with simple, understated lines but a nonetheless elegant feel.

You can also create interesting effects by combining contrasting shades of pink through your furniture and furnishings. The desk in the Innova collection with a musty pink insert works perfectly with the stool in a softer shade. The perfect place to sit and admire spring in all of its glory!.

For a bolder look, why not add ornaments and accessories in a matching or contrasting colour?

Santalucia Mobili has brought tinges of pink into the bedroom space too.
Cipria color features as part of a playful pattern of different coloured alternating stripes in varying widths, to decorate the wardrobe in Homy’s Projecta Night collection. This injection of colour softens the darker shades and decorates the room, adding a romantic touch.

Pink linen completes the spring bedroom look.

Floral inspired

You can also recreate springtime in your home with floral-inspired furniture and furnishings. Take “Barocco” from the Innova collection: feature wood-panelling decorated with a floral motif.

This eye-catching decorative surface creates a spectacular look inserted between the wall and base units, to add character to your living room.

You can even give your bedroom walls a flowery stamp with floral wallpaper and use flowers to make the soft, sinuous lines of Homy’s Wave bed and Spot Mix units more romantic.

Here too, floral linen is a great way to sleep nestled among the good vibrations of spring.