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3 ideas for designing your walk-in wardrobe with K-Obi

6 March 2019

Spring is almost here and that can only mean one thing: time for a spring clean! It could just be the right time to think about reorganising your wardrobe.
A tempting alternative to a traditional wardrobe could be a walk-in wardrobe, even though we often think it might not be right for us – perhaps because we don’t have the room, or we think it would be hard to keep tidy.
Santalucia Mobili has come up with K-Obi, a collection designed to create functional, flexible walk-in wardrobes that are simple to organise. With K-Obi, it has never been easier to create a walk-in wardrobe made to measure, with the option to combine shelves, storage units, accessories and finishes freely. Here we would like to present three walk-in wardrobe solutions designed with K-Obi, for three different types of space.

1. The walk-in wardrobe room

Many of us dream of having our own space just for our clothes and shoes. If you have a small room next to your bedroom, the ideal option would be to kit out this space with fitted wooden wall panels for organising your accessories. The wide range of finishes available with K-Obi means you can create comfortable, elegant spaces to match your bedroom furniture and furnishings.

The flexibility offered by K-Obi means you can easily manage different heights for hanging up longer or shower items of clothing, and use shelves for storing handbags and accessories, even making the most of spaces lost in a normal wardrobe, like those closest to the ceiling.
The shelves ensure you have everything on view and within reach. You can also add practical drawer units to your composition, for organising your linen or delicate garments.

This type of space can easily be transformed into a changing room, with the addition of the right accessories such as a large mirror or comfy chair.

2. A corner walk-in wardrobe

You can create a walk-in wardrobe even in smaller spaces like a niche: in this case, a corner solution might be just what you need to optimise your space.
K-Obi offers wooden wall panelling in four different sizes which the brackets are fixed to, and back panels in two different sizes to complete the corner spaces.

Accessories can be subdivided into categories to keep everything tidy and make it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for. The shelves create a space for storing folded clothes, and the built-in clothes rail is perfect for hanging up dresses, shirts and coats.

You can add a practical trouser racks and shelves with pull-out trays too: useful for storing jewellery and trinkets. This wardrobe space can be finished with wall-mounted units, stacked units or storage cubby holes for your hats and bags.

3. A traditional wardrobe with an open, walk-in section

If you don’t have an entire room you can dedicate to your walk-in wardrobe space, but you also don’t want to be without all of the practicalities it brings, why not consider integrating your traditional wardrobe with some of the features of a walk-in wardrobe? Simply add two or three wooden wall panels alongside your wardrobe, in a finish to match. This way you can recreate the open part of a walk-in wardrobe, while keeping all of the practical features of a traditional, closed wardrobe.

This type of wardrobe composition can easily be fitted with space-saving accessories, like practical pull-out fabric drawers for your underwear, or deep ‘Metal’ drawers for those midseason garments you want to hand.

If you have a small space to work with, why not consider the mobile drawer unit on wheels? It is really easy to move around and store away as you wish, offering maximum flexibility in the minimum amount of space.

Now it’s your turn: how would you organise your wardrobe space? Where would you create it? How many different areas would you need? What kind of spaces would you like? What accessories couldn’t you be without? No matter your needs, you can create your perfect walk-in wardrobe with K-Obi.