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The best place for your walk-in wardrobe? Every room in the home!

24 May 2022

Alternating closed modules and open sections, the Santalucia Mobili walk-in wardrobe is so dynamic and versatile that it can be used in different spaces in the home. Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in the bedroom for a wardrobe or even any storage at all, which is why Santalucia Mobile provides solutions to suit any room. Whether it’s the bedroom (A), the hallway (B), the living area (C) or the utility room (D).

Obviously one solution does not rule out the others: they can all coexist in the same home. The more storage there is the better!

The “partition wardrobe” for the bedroom

The Luxury system offers amazing functional and style possibilities for compositions combining, say, a glass walk-in wardrobe and a traditional wooden wardrobe. The wardrobe can act as a partition element separating the bedroom proper and the communicating bathroom.

The transparency of the glass showcases the clothes inside and the light is diffused delicately.

The glass side panel further highlights the unusual placement of this walk-in wardrobe.

cabina armadio con fianco in vetro

Practical storage for the hallway

Walk-in wardrobes make great storage units for the transition areas of the home. The Luxury system offers another handy solution that allows you to place open modules alongside closed units so you can choose what to hide and what to leave on display.

The multipurpose storage unit for the living room

The Koby system with rack mechanism is designed for a living area or a study.

The ultra-modular design of Koby allows you to create a composition packed with storage compartments and shelving, making it ideal for a home office. Take the shelves with a pull-out tray: they provide practical surface space for working on, or a desk with a drawer.

Walk-in storage with washing machine unit

Naked is an open-fronted wardrobe that can also be closed off with the Liscia, Ego or Nocta doors. This allows you to create mixed compositions, with alternating closed storage units and open walk-in wardrobe solutions.

Naked is a practical, functional choice that works especially well in a utility room, a basement space or a laundry room, and includes specific modules for a washing machine or a dryer.

There’s a walk-in storage unit for every room. See the Homy walk-in wardrobe catalogue for the complete range and start designing yours now.