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Add colour to your living room walls (and beyond)

29 November 2019

Colours say a lot about you and can really define the style of your entire home.
Every colour has a specific style, and your final colour choices reflect your own tastes and preferences. Inspired by our furnishing schemes for the Dandy collection under the brand Ikona, we have put together a selection of colours for your living space, the place where you spend time together and relax.

Be inspired by nature for a natural look

Welcome nature into your home with colours inspired by the earth’s elements. Use brown and green in all of their different tones from the softest to the most intense.
Green is the colour that most recalls nature. In the image below, the olive green shade on the living room walls creates a backdrop for the furniture and furnishings in a wood finish. This emphasises the feeling of being immersed in a natural landscape.

If you choose to combine the green shade with the tactile faux leather finish, this effect is amplified thanks to the six-part colour palette, all taken directly from nature. From the intense smoke and ash shades to the full olive green and hazel brown hues, without forgetting soft cream and off-white, these colours are expressive and inspire, creating a living room that looks and feels great..

Add colour for a young look

This living space is all about showing off lively personality, with a light, bright yellow wall.
Yellow inevitably conjures up the warm, bright colour of the sun, and certainly does not go unnoticed. It is ideal for creating a young, dynamic space and adds personality to any room. It works perfectly alongside wood grain, neutral shades and accessories in different textures, to create a mix-and-match effect that oozes positive vibrations.

Be bold with a two-tone design for the wow factor

Who said you can’t use two different colours on two different walls in the same room?
Here is an example of how you can use two colours in your living room. The contrast between the warm red brick and cool grey-blue creates a dramatic but harmonious effect. Despite the two shades contrasting, there is a real sense of continuity in this space where opposites attract.

You could even experiment with two colours on one wall. Here you can see the effect exaggerated with an asymmetrical geometric design that really adds character. If you dare to be daring, why not go for a two-tone palette on a single wall?

Opt for neutral shades for a traditional look

Neutral shades have always been a classic, ideal for those who see their living room as a place to feel comfortable and at ease in, including through use of colour. One of the benefits of a neutral palette is that it adapts to almost any space: it works for those who love modern style, and can be combined with bright or pale shades to create a different look every time. If you choose neutral tones, class and elegance are the order of the day in your living space.

Natural and neutral or bold and eye-catching: are you ready to make your living room stylish with some coloured walls?