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Small green touches to decorate your bedroom

28 August 2018

We all agree that, when it comes to decorating our homes, plants really are the best ornaments. Whether in your kitchen, living room, hallway or bathroom, plants work well pretty much anywhere. The only room we are not so sure about is the bedroom. How many of you have heard at least once that having plants in your bedroom is bad for your health?

It is actually just an old wives’ tale. It is true that during the night plants take in oxygen and produce carbon dioxide, but the quantity they produce is so small that it is not in any way harmful to us while we sleep. Quite the opposite, in fact. As well as bringing life into the room, plants play an important role in purifying the air. Now we have cleared that up, here are 5 small green ornaments to bring a touch of nature into your bedroom.

#1 Oriental bonsais

The word ‘bonsai’ doesn’t actually correspond to a single species of plant, but rather to a pruning technique originating in Japan. It is used to grow plants with all of the characteristics of a tree, only in miniature.

These miniature trees are perfect for your bedroom. Their oriental charm creates the ideal Zen ambiance for resting and relaxing. Bonsais require special care and attention. You can keep them on your dresser or bedside cabinet, and preferably in front of a window. They need a lot of natural light and must be kept away from sources of heat.

#2 Contemporary succulents

If you are looking for something more low maintenance, succulents could be the answer. Succulents, as opposed to cactuses or other thorny species, are perhaps the plants best suited to your bedroom. Among the most popular are Aloe Vera and Haworthia, which have long, streaked leaves. These can be positioned in small pots around the room.

An alternative is the Echeveria, with its fleshy leaves that make up big green rosettes, ideal on display on a dresser or bedside cabinet.

#3 Leafy compositions

Here are some ideas for the less green-fingered.
You can create ultra-modern, original decorations using just leaves.

Choose those with large green spans like Ficus leaves or Philodendron leaves and arrange them either on their own or with a few flowers in a glass vase. These arrangements bring life and colour to your bedroom.

#4 Decorative branches

Decorative branches are a way of creating a really natural feel in your bedroom, while keeping it minimalist.
This delicate touch can easily be adapted to different furnishing styles and requires almost no effort at all!
All you need to do is chop off a fresh branch or two, perhaps with a few leaves or flowers, and stand them in a few centimetres of water so they last for a couple of days.

If you are looking for something more long lasting, go for dried twigs. A few interesting knotted stems with plenty of branches in a nice vase create an elegant feature that won’t wither.

#5 Stylised plants

We don’t mean replica plants or silk flowers (those that don’t require watering but need cleaning and dusting a lot). While these may seem real, when you look closely, you soon realise they are not. What we mean is a stylish design piece that picks up on the form and shape of plant, like this small, elegant wirework tree. You could stand it in a square steel vase to create a futuristic look that is really effective.