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How to furnish a modern bedroom: trends and ideas

21 February 2024

The bedroom is a personal refuge. It’s the first room we see when we wake up in the morning and the place we retire to in the evening after a long day. So, the design of a bedroom goes a long way to improving our wellbeing and comfort, and creating a modern, functional space can radically transform our quality of life.

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Come as we explore a series of suggestions and ideas for furnishing a modern bedroom with Santalucia Mobili and discover the importance of each individual item.

Key aspects of furnishing a modern bedroom

Designing a modern bedroom not only means choosing the right items of furniture and accessories, but also requires careful consideration of how to create a space that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The bed, the wardrobe and the use of colour are perhaps the main factors that define the style and atmosphere of the bedroom.

Choose the right colour palette

The colours we choose for a modern bedroom go beyond the aesthetic. They also affect our psychological and physical wellbeing. Chromotherapy uses colour to affect our emotions and our physical state and can be used strategically to promote relaxation and facilitate sleep.

Blue is known for its calming, relaxing properties. It’s associated with tranquillity and serenity, which makes it ideal for creating a restful atmosphere. According to chromotherapy, blue reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and promotes deep sleep. Thus, it is an excellent choice for walls or decorative features in the bedroom, especially if combined with wooden flooring.

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Green is linked to nature and facilitates relaxation and inner tranquillity. In a modern bedroom, green brings a sense of balance and harmony and helps reduce anxiety. Fresh, pale, pastel tones, like sage green, create an inviting and restorative ambience.

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Pink is synonymous with softness, love and tranquillity. In chromotherapy, pink brings about a sense of safety and protection. Use it for walls or in details like cushions, blankets or decorations, to suffuse the entire room with a atmosphere of gentle serenity.

camera da letto moderna con parete rosa

White and neutral colours like grey and beige expand a space visually. White is linked to purity and brightness, whereas neutral colours add a touch of elegance and sobriety to a space. Use these tones on walls to create a versatile, neutral backdrop for colour accents and decorative details.

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The bed: the heart of the bedroom

The bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom and should be chosen with care to ensure comfort and style. Above all else, consider its size in relation to the available space and choose a position that makes movement easy and ensures access to the other furniture in the room. An eye-catching headboard can be the focal point that adds personality not only to the bed but to the entire room.

The Ander double bed, with its minimal, linear frame and upholstered headboard, is perfect for a small bedroom.

camera da letto moderna con letto imbottito

Another option for cosier spaces is a bed like Zefiro, which epitomises functional design. The headboard is a wall-mounted panel with an incorporated shelf serving as a bedside table and LED lights on the side and at the top.

The Scirocco double bed is another space-saving solution, with a practical two-tier lift mechanism. Lift once for somewhere handy to store bedlinen and other objects, then lift again to easily and conveniently make the bed.

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Optimise space with the wardrobe

The style of the wardrobe in a modern bedroom can greatly affect the appearance and the functionality of the space. Choosing a minimal wardrobe with clean lines and sliding doors can keep things looking modern.

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A wardrobe in the same finish as the bed, the dresser and the bedside tables ensures overall coordination and continuity of style.

camera da letto moderna con armadio e letto stessa finitura

If space is limited and you want to avoid a heavy look, a great solution might be a wardrobe with glass doors which delivers several benefits in smaller rooms. First, glass doors help to lighten the overall look. They also allow you to make an elegant display of your clothes, creating a modern, airy atmosphere.

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If you like watching TV in bed, but don’t want to compromise on style and organisation, a wardrobe with TV stand is an interesting functional option. The TV can be recessed into the wardrobe in a specially designed alcove, as in the photo below.

camera da letto moderna con armadio porta tv

Another elegant, discreet solution is a TV integrated into the wardrobe door. The screen can only be seen when the device is switched on and becomes completely invisible when it is off, blending seamlessly into the surface of the wardrobe. An innovative way to keep the overall design of the bedroom clean and simple.

camera da letto modera con tv integrata nell'armadio scorrevole

Larger spaces can be designed with a dressing area, making the most of the corners of the bedroom for wardrobes and practical storage for clothes, accessories and other personal items. This versatile solution can be personalised with shelves, hanger units, drawers and mirrors for organising and displaying clothes.

camera da letto moderna con armadio battente e angolo spogliatoio

What if you don’t want a wardrobe?

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional wardrobe, storage units and walk-in wardrobes can provide enough space for clothes and accessories.

If the problem is limited space, chests of drawers and dressers offer storage and also useful surface space for displaying accessories and lamps to complement the style and functionality of your bedroom.

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But if you’re looking for a more peeled-back look, you might consider installing an open-front walk-in wardrobe.

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For example, Koby, has a rack system that allows lots of tailored configuration options that are also suitable for a loft bed. You can add shelves, hanger units and other accessories to your walk-in wardrobe and arrange them as you please and need.

Lighting and accessories: details that make a difference

Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the style and atmosphere of a modern bedroom. LED lights can be placed strategically on walls to create interesting visual effects. LED strip lights can be installed in strategic areas of the room, such as near the wardrobe, to illuminate effectively and add a modern touch.


Contemporary design pendant lights can add elegance and functionality to the room. More lighting comes from the backlit headboard, creating an all-round atmosphere of cosy, relaxing warmth.

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As in every room in the home, the right accessories add personality to the bedroom. For example, the Mondrian footstool with catchall tray can be placed at the foot of the bed or freestanding anywhere else in the room.

pouf con tavolino per ambienti moderni

Coffee table can be used instead of bedside tables or can be used to enhance a corner, while serving as valuable storage surfaces. In the photo, Picasso is a smoky effect, coloured glass table that adds a touch of style wherever it is placed.

tavolino in vetro di design per camera moderna

Mirrors also contribute to the overall look of the bedroom. They can be decorative, like this pair of Freja mirrors.

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But they can also be super functional like Atena with its handy clothes rail concealed at the rear.

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Creative solutions for bedroom walls

The wall behind the bed provides an opportunity to display creativity and personal style. In addition to traditional wallpaper, there are several other options that can radically transform the look of a bedroom.

Take wood panelling, for example, an on-trend treatment that adds elegance and refinement to walls, creating a cosy feeling of warmth.

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Or rustic or industrial solutions like faux brick are perfect for a modern setting, adding character and personality to the room.

camera da letto moderna con rivestimento mattoni

If you’re looking for more innovative solutions, installing plasterboard ceilings or walls can create interesting volumes and architectures that can be further enhanced with lighting to add depth and movement to the bedroom as a whole. Just remember to choose solutions that integrate harmoniously with the rest of the room for a cohesive, well-curated design.

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In conclusion, designing a modern bedroom with style requires attention to detail and an overall view of the space. Choosing a relaxing colour palette, selecting contemporary design furniture and accessories and optimising the available space are just some of the interior design strategies you can employ to create a modern, cosy room.

Use these suggestions to turn your bedroom into a haven of relaxation and modern style that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. Discover all the bedroom furniture proposals in the Homy Notte catalogue by Santalucia Mobili and design the bedroom of our dreams.