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Overbed Units

This wardrobe with hinged doors features a structural bridging unit,
which varies in width from two to four doors.
Homy collection

Multipurpose wardrobe

Bridging units can be used to carve out a space within the wardrobe for additional bedroom
furniture and features. These compositions can include from two to five cupboards
across the width, which allows for furniture up to the size of a double bed to be inserted below.

5-door Overbed Unit

4-door Overbed Unit

3-door Overbed Unit

2-door Overbed Unit

Technical details

The top units in a bridging structure can be fitted with shelves and other standard accessories. 

The top panel across the bridged space can also include integrated LED lighting (optional).

The space below the bridging unit can also be fitted with a wall-mounted chunky shelf (83 mm thick) which can be used as a desk or TV stand. 

The bottom of the bridging unit space can also be finished with a 83 mm thick platform. 

Home office

This wardrobe with a bridge structure allows you to create a desk area with a chunky top,
drawer unit and pouffe or chair. Thanks to this practical design, you can make space for your home office
in your bedroom or living room.

Examples of

L 1000
L 1500
L 1500
L 2000
L 2000
L 2500
L 2500