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Coffee table or bedside table? Two in one!

24 May 2023

Coffee tables have always been considered a living room furnishing – alongside a sofa for resting a coffee cup on (hence the name) or between two armchairs to create a cosy reading corner. But can coffee tables also find their place in a bedroom, perhaps instead of a bedside table?

So, why replace a bedside table with a coffee table? One reason might be space: if your bedroom is compact, a coffee table might take up less room. Another might be style: a coffee table-cum-bedside table is an alternative way to add an original touch to your space.

Santalucia Mobili offers three solutions: Leonardo, Mirò and Picasso. They started off life as coffee tables and later became bedside tables!

#1 A coffee table-cum-bedside table-cum-clothes stand

The Leonardo table, just like the figure who inspired the name, is truly ingenious. Surrounded by a curved metal frame, the round top comes in different finishes. Attached to it is a shaped clothes hanger.

An ultra-practical rail ensures you have your clothes, quite literally, to hand, ready to put on in the morning. Plus, it’s a great space-saving solution if your room is compact and doesn’t allow for other practical storage surfaces.

#2 A coffee table-cum-bedside table-cum-magazine rack

After a long day at work, or for those lazy weekends, there is nothing better to relax body and mind than reading a good book in bed. The Mirò coffee table, made from sheet metal, is available in Santalucia’s full lacquered colour range. There’s a storage compartment in the base that not only looks great – contrasting a closed and an open space – but also serves as a handy magazine rack.

No more piles of books on top your bedside table! Store them away while keeping them on view in this dedicated spot.

#3 A stylish coffee table-cum-bedside table

Picasso doesn’t serve an obvious dual purpose as such, but it does come with bucket loads of style that make it stand out from the crowd. Made of glass, it features a decorative print boasting a shaded colour effect. Its burgundy red tones change colour and intensity depending on the angle you look at it from, and how the light passes through it.

Much more than just a functional coffee table/bedside table, this statement piece doesn’t go unnoticed. It is guaranteed to bring out the best in any other furniture and furnishings arranged next to it.

If you’re looking for something original for your bedroom, explore all Santalucia Mobili’s coffee tables, plus dressers and bedside tables if you prefer a more traditional touch, and find your nearest retailer.