Versatile furniture for your bedroom, with Scacco. - Santalucia

Versatile furniture for your bedroom, with Scacco.

18 November 2020

The Homy Notte collection by Santalucia Mobili gives you plenty of freedom to design the bedroom of your dreams. Dress the room in different styles with furniture you can configure however you want, like the ultra-versatile Scacco. More than just a bed, this self-supporting unit can be made to fit different sizes, with matching accessories and a vast array of finishes to choose from.

The style is never the same in any two compositions, but practicality is always guaranteed. Discover the Scacco style best suited to you.

Romantic bedrooms, with Scacco

The modular Scacco composition furnishes your bedroom with real personality, as well as being highly practical. In this romantic-feel bedroom, Scacco works perfectly against the backdrop of delicate, pastel-pink walls, which bring out the details of the design.

The headboard features an upholstered eco-leather panel, which adds a soft, romantic touch and provides comfortable support.

With Scacco, it’s about more than just the bed. A large shelf joins directly to the bed head for added practicality in this composition, to create a warm and inviting multipurpose corner. Use it as a practical home office for working or studying, or as a make-up area, with the elegantly shaped Afrodite mirror and a soft seat to complete the look.

Modern bedrooms, with Scacco

The generously sized Scacco bed is also at home in a modern-style bedroom. The clear feet supporting the bed create a light, floating effect.

The headboard panelling features perimeter LED strip lighting, creating stunning visuals that emphasise the clean lines of the furnishings.

The Scacco composition also matches other elements in the room, for a coordinated look. One example is the Fascia hinged-door wardrobe, with a horizontal insert in the same finish as the headboard and bedside tables.

Nordic bedrooms, with Scacco

If you love Nordic style, Scacco’s versatile design offers sleek and simple shapes, natural grains and neutral tones that lighten the look of the space.

And for all your storage needs, the Scacco composition features a wooden bed frame with space to store your belongings, for added practicality.