Santalucia Show: 3 episodes, so much to discover. - Santalucia

Santalucia Show: 3 episodes, so much to discover.

16 July 2020

The first “Santalucia Show” came to a close. This new series of digital meetups took the form of three live events held on Santalucia Mobili’s social media pages, during which the company presented its latest news, products and features. 

It was a dynamic way for the company to restart, in tune with the increasingly digital times, confirming Santalucia Mobili has been working hard behind the scenes throughout. More online communication has in fact been a way to stay close and connected during lockdown, and still now as social distancing continues to be a part of our everyday lives.

These unprecedented past few months have also created opportunities for the Santalucia Mobili team, to develop new ideas and projects: a new website, a revamped showroom and a new bedroom collection.

f you haven’t seen the show yet, read on to discover what’s new at Santalucia Mobili.

#1 Website: welcome to the new digital

Digital communication has proven to be the most effective way to keep in touch with followers and keep the conversation going. Santalucia Mobili decided to start from here, welcoming visitors into its digital world, with a new look.

The layout, graphics and content have had a full makeover and the new website offers users a more intuitive browsing experience, with the option to search by product category or collection.

The fresh, clean look is also responsive and adapts to any device. New content has made the site more complete in terms of the information available, starting with a presentation of the company itself, its history, production facilities, and some key figures.

The new website is more interactive than before, offering many ways to network through various contact forms. The aim is to guarantee quicker and more efficient communication with users. It also contains new sections such as a page for finding Santalucia Mobili retailers easily across Italy. The prominent new turnkey-project section presents Santalucia Mobili’s services for large residential complexes, as well as hotel accommodation and commercial facilities.


#2 Shoowroom: welcome to the new sensory world

Santalucia Mobili can now welcome visitors and retailers in a fully renovated exhibition space, divided into different areas. 


The first of these areas is the Materials Library: the creative heart of the showroom. Here you can find the company’s complete range of fabrics, finishes and colours. It takes visitors and retailers on a sensory journey into the world of Santalucia Mobili, and provides a place to experiment with different materials and shades to create personal style. 


Next to the Materials Library there is another important part of the showroom, dedicated entirely to wardrobes. Here, visitors can see and choose the type of wardrobe they prefer, with hinged or sliding doors, as well exploring how best to build the perfect wardrobe using modular units. 


Finally, in the showroom proper, visitors can move freely between the compositions on display, which feature the latest products from the new Homy bedroom collection, as well as furniture for the living area.

If you are curious to discover this brand-new space, Santalucia Mobili is also offering interactive virtual tours via the website. Thanks to this digital tool, you can visit the showroom and explore Santalucia Mobili even from afar.


#3 Homy Notte: welcome to the new space of dream

We have changed the angle, turning marginal features such as storage units into modular spaces for living our daily lives.”


The third Santalucia Mobili Show was dedicated to the new Homy bedroom collection, curated by designer Stefano Spessotto. This brand currently represents the company’s core business.

The furnishings in this collection are not only aesthetic features, they also serve a functional purpose, creating spaces within spaces. This comprehensive range includes beds, wardrobes, storage units and accessories in three different styles, making it at home in various settings. 

The wardrobes in particular offer some exclusive new features such as an antibacterial decorative finish, created by treating surfaces using silver ions, to meet today’s stringent hygiene requirements.

In addition to the Homy bedroom collection, Santalucia Mobili has issued a new structured catalogue, with talking indexes to guide customers in choosing their furniture and furnishings. These are presented within three different interior-design styles – traditional, contemporary and renovated – to represent the tastes and preferences Santalucia Mobili can cater to. 

Download or browse the online catalogue to find out more.