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Create your made-to-measure living room with Integra

11 February 2019

The space that really defines your home is, without doubt, the living room.
It is often the first room you see, and the one most often used by guests – but it is also the one that says the most about you.
Everyone uses their living room in a different way: there are those who love to share it with friends, those who use it to relax and unwind in, and those who like to do both. In order to create a living room that suits you, you need furniture that is easy to personalise, giving you the room to construct the ideal space to meet your needs. This is how Integra was born, the living room collection by brand Homy, which has just seen a makeover of its range of colours and finishes.

Customise your space with modular units

Imagine your dream wall space. What would it look like? Would it have storage spaces for your plates and glasses? Or would it be more of a bookcase with lots of open compartments for books and souvenirs from your holidays? Would you like a display cabinet or a TV stand to hide all the cables? Or maybe all of the above?

Whatever your idea of the ideal living room is, Integra can help you create it. The secret is its use of two different organisational features – partition panels and storage units – which work well together or in isolation.

1. Partition panels

The partition panel system allows you to freely create a bookcase composition, with lots of different sized open compartments.

We know you need places to display personal items and those with sentimental value in your living room, as well as places to store things away. This is why you can decide which compartments to close behind a door, creating full and empty spaces that have different functions.

2. Storage spaces

The storage units are just as versatile and flexible as the partition panels.

Closed and open units can be arranged freely on the wall, combining with floor-standing units and wall-mounted units in different sizes. You can add shelves and display cabinets to taste too.

Customise your finishes

Integra now offers an even richer and more extensive range of colours and finishes, to personalise your living room space.In addition to the Matwood wood finish, Eco colours and lacquers, there are two new textures: Maya, with geometric rhythm, and Delhi, with mesmerising supple lines. Available in the full range of lacquered colours, they are perfect for the backs of open units, to add an original touch to the wall units.

For lovers of textured finishes, there are plenty to choose from. The Paint finish can be applied to the unit doors or the walls, to create a coordinated living room with a decorative painted effect.

The Cover finishes Zenit and Matrix add a tactile touch to the wood panelling, for an elegant, contemporary living room.

Then there are the metallic finishes, as well as veneered wood finishes which create a natural look and give the space a Nordic feel.

With such a flexible modular set-up and wide range of finishes, the possibilities are endless. All that’s left to do is imagine the living room of your dreams, and make it happen with Integra.