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Furnish your living room with the Pratico collection

10 September 2019

The living room is somewhere you spend a lot of time in your home, whether taking some time for yourself or sharing with others. This is why it needs to reflect your style and taste, and be somewhere you enjoy being.

The new living room collection by Pratico creates a space inspired by style that is fresh, young and – as the name suggests – practical. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the world of Pratico living room design.

Wall units and bookcases: a versatile living room

One of the typical features in a living room is a wall unit composition and/or bookcase.
With Pratico’s modular units, you can really personalise your space with different arrangements. By combining open and closed units that can be floor-standing or wall-mounted, with shelves in different shapes and sizes, you can create a made-to-measure composition.

Bookcases are designed for displaying all of the things you love most: books, memories, ornaments and photographs. They really are a storage box for everything that sums you up and tells your story.

Playing with geometric shapes: the living room design

The living room collection from Pratico furnishes your space in a minimalist, functional way with original features that break up the linear lines of your furniture.
Taos recreates the shape of the letter T, redesigning the traditional base unit and lightening the visual impact with its slim lines.

Sbieko adds interest to the wall units, opening up the compartments with a sharp, oblique cut, giving the composition a dynamic edge.

Cento is the chunky shelf that cuts through the tall unit and pulls the composition together. In addition to being a design feature, it also serves a useful and original surface.

The option of combining shelves together allows you to create different personalised compositions, without neglecting the functional aspect. These unique geometric features can be created between closed units, playing with different shapes and volumes.

Fresh new colours: a living room with character

The Pratico living room collection includes three new shades, each with its own character: Amarena, for a warm, intense look; Cedro for an energy boost; and Zucchero for a more relaxed feel. These vibrant new shades in the Fresh range add to the neutral tones and textured finishes to create well-balanced contrasts and bring out the different elements.

Tables and chairs: a sociable living space

To finish off the living room composition, tables and chairs are what make the space sociable and inviting. Sitting round a table for a chat or to eat with family and friends is another way of using the living space.