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The perfect his & hers wardrobe

30 October 2020

Santalucia Mobili’s Homy Notte collection can transform your bedroom into an organised, custom-made space. Wardrobes kitted out with internal fittings and furnishing accessories are the ideal way to create the practical, customised solutions you need.

We’ve been asking ourselves what the must-have his and hers accessories are to optimise the wardrobe space in style. Here’s what we came up with.


Tall spaces for long dresses

Lots of women dream of having plenty of organised space for storing and admiring their clothes. The kind of space you need for this has to be tall, ideal for hanging up long dresses.

High-heels shoe rack

For women who like their shoes, pull-out, angled shelves are just the thing for accommodating every style, from high heels to running shoes.

Jewellery storage compartments

Jewellery is the ultimate complement to any outfit and you can never have too much storage space for keeping it tidy. Dividing up the internal drawer space with an organiser is an excellent way to do this. For example, why not add a practical ring holder or trinket compartment?

Multi-purpose mirror

Imagine a mirror that also serves as a handy clothes rail: the perfect combination for those final touch-ups and storing everything you need to complete your outfit, just before you head out the door.


Spaces for suits and jackets

Having somewhere to hang up clothes is important for men too, but it need not be overly tall for storing garments such as shirts and jackets.

Faultlessly folded trousers

The trouser rack makes it easy to keep your wardrobe tidy and, with your trousers all lined up and on view, they are easy to pick out. A perfectly practical solution.

Drawers galore

The space underneath the clothes rail is ideal for a handy drawer unit for storing jumpers and bed linen.

Trinket trays

Compartments for watches and belts, and a tie rack provide a tailormade spot for storing accessories to complete your outfit, all ready to go. These practical details make everything that bit easier and more organised.

Multi-purpose table

The ideal furnishing for men seeking practical style is this neat table with a metal bar that also serves as a clothes rail. Hang up your clothes the night before so they’re ready to go the next morning.