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Wardrobes that are good for your health

23 July 2020

Santalucia Mobili has responded to the need for increasingly cleaner, more hygienic and sanitised spaces by introducing an important innovative feature in all of its new wardrobes: SilverCoat. Unit interiors are now available in two finishes: the “Biancospino” wood-effect and the “Fabrik” textile-effect, which use silver ions to offer special antibacterial properties.

Silver is not only a precious metal, but also an effective antimicrobial material. The Ancient Romans used it in food and medicine to stop bacteria growing. Today, the properties of silver ions have been acknowledged, confirmed and applied in new ways, such as in the furniture sector. 

SilverCoat gives surfaces antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and disinfectant properties. This new feature, launched with the latest Homy bedroom catalogue, has been created by Santalucia Mobili in response to the ongoing health crisis and as part of its innovation research. Silver-ion technology is capable of destroying 850 pathogen types, killing bacteria extremely quickly. The internal wardrobe surfaces have been treated with this special coating, to keep the interiors clean and reduce the spread of bacteria. 

This innovative feature provides a practical solution both for domestic spaces and hotels – the new frontier in protecting our customers’ health.