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Trends and ideas for a modern living room

14 November 2023

Designing a modern living room is much more than a matter of aesthetics and style choices. It’s about creating the right atmosphere for you, your family and your friends. A living room is for living, relaxing, and sharing space and time with the important people in your life. So not just a formal place for receiving guests, it is also a flexible, comfortable space for life every day.

come arredare un soggiorno moderno

In this article we explore the art of styling a modern living room and the importance of transforming the space into an inviting refuge that suits your everyday needs. Given the growing trend for modern, minimal design, we’ll discover how Santalucia Mobili offers plenty of solutions for making your living room a masterpiece of style and functionality.

Assessing and optimising the available space

The starting point of a design project for a modern living room, or any other room, is to take precise measurements then make a careful assessment. The dimensions of the available space plays a crucial role in the size and type of furniture you choose, if you want to ensure a balanced, functional layout.

valutare e ottimizzare lo spazio in un soggiorno moderno

The main challenge in large rooms is how to avoid wasting the space. It’s important to choose furniture that is proportionate to the size of the room and avoid solutions that are too big and potentially make the space chaotic and difficult to use to full advantage. How furniture is arranged is equally important. Place items strategically to create a sense of unity and fluidity and reduce visual overload.

come posizionare arredi in un soggiorno moderno di grandi dimensioni

Conversely, a small living room should have a few items that are reduced in size and serve more than one purpose. Bookcases with incorporated desks or modular compositions are solutions that optimise smaller spaces without compromising functionality.

come arredare un soggiorno moderno piccolo

A living room area within an open-plan space in which several functions come together demands even more careful thought. Each area has a specific identity, but should contain furniture that communicates an overall sense of harmony. It is also a good idea to use furniture to section areas visually, without separating them entirely. For example, double-sided bookcases are a great solution that delimit a space without compromising openness and flow. This approach creates harmonious transitions between, say, the living room and the kitchen, and keeps the feeling of continuity in an open-plan space.

come arredare soggiorno moderno open space

Thus, a careful assessment of the space and the right furniture for the size and layout of the room help create a welcoming, functional and harmonious living room, regardless of how large or small it is.

The perfect colour palette for a modern living room

Colour plays a key role in modern interiors, as it helps define the character and style of a room. There are no precise rules to adhere to, it’s more about interpreting personal tastes and different styles to create an appealing room in line with the latest furniture trends.

Neutral tones are perfect, if you’re looking for a modern minimal living room, and can be either warm or cool. Lighter colours like white, grey and beige create a clean, orderly atmosphere.

soggiorno in stile moderno minimalista

Another possibility is to use contrasting colours and/or textures, to create original combinations, while still achieving a minimal look.

soggiorno moderno con abbinamenti di colori e materiali

If you want a more elegant, sophisticated atmosphere, choose dark, intense colours to add a touch of refinement and a feeling of depth.

soggiorno moderno elegante con colori scuri

On the other hand, colourful furniture is an interesting option, if you’re seeking to create a young, vibrant look in your living room. Whether you’re choosing bright tones or more muted shades, colour will add personality to your space.

soggiorno moderno colorato

If you prefer a more cautious, versatile approach, always start from a neutral base and add colour with furnishings and accessories or on walls. This gives you more flexibility to switch around or update colourful items without having to redesign the entire room.

soggiorno moderno con parete colorata blu

With the new Homy Giorno collection, you can experiment and play with tones and textures to create a living room that fully reflects your style and your idea of modern living.

Key factors for styling a modern living room

After you’ve measured the space and decided on a colour palette, the next step is to select the furniture you’d like to go into your modern living room. Wall systems and bookcases with clean lines, contemporary sofas, minimal occasional tables, shelf compositions and TV stand panels: every item of furniture has a specific function, but also helps define the style of your living space.

Wall systems: design and functionality for your modern living room

Base units, wall units, open units and shelves join forces to create dynamic compositions with a variety of geometries to meet different design and functionality needs. Choose modular systems to have a wide choice of measurements, as well as the flexibility to adapt pieces to the available space and personal preferences.

With Santalucia Mobili wall systems you can use the same modules for large walls or more reduced spaces. This versatility maximises space while providing plenty of scope for personalisation.

These images show how the same units can be used to furnish two walls of different dimensions.

parete attrezzata per soggiorno moderno grande
parete attrezzata per soggiorno moderno piccolo

Modern bookcases for elegant living rooms

Bookcases, large or small, are a distinctive element that can be combined with or used instead of wall systems, and add charm even to modern living rooms. Modern bookcases offer a variety of forms and solutions beyond the classic geometrical grid design, which make them a versatile and stylish choice.

Santalucia Mobili bookcases are available in several configurations. Whether you’re looking for clean, minimal lines or multifunctional structures, they add storage and personality to your living room.

libreria colorata con tv per soggiorno moderno

Choosing a bookcase is a declaration of style and a way to personalise your living space. Display books in them, but also pieces of art, photos and decorations.

libreria con ante in vetro per un soggiorno moderno elegante

Sofas: when design meets comfort

The sofa is the centrepiece of a living room. It is what determines the function of the space, but also defines how welcoming it is for guests.

For Santalucia Mobili, the sofa is part of an entire system, where comfort meets the functionality of other furniture pieces in versatile, personalised configurations.

Take the Evan sofa. It can be joined to bookcase modules of different sizes, in rooms with only one or two walls available, or to a desk top to create a convenient home office that doesn’t take up too much space.

divano integrato alla libreria per soggiorno moderno piccolo
divano con scrivania integrata per salotto moderno

The importance of natural and artificial lighting for creating the right atmosphere

When designing a modern living room, it is essential to take full advantage of daylight. The layout of furniture should be planned strategically to maximise natural lighting and ensure the unimpeded flow of light throughout the space. If there is poor light exposure, we recommend furniture that is not too large and is light in colour, as well as lightweight curtains, which can help create an open, airy atmosphere, and mirrors, which amplify the light and sense of space.

soggiorno moderno bianco

Another crucial aspect to consider when designing interiors is that artificial lighting can make living rooms more inviting, especially in the evening. This applies not only to pendant lights and floor lamps, which create focal points that illuminate certain areas strategically, but also solutions incorporated into the furniture itself to highlight special features and details and create a personalised, impactful atmosphere.

soggiorno moderno con illuminazione

For example, LED strips can be recessed in compartments to give profiles emphasis, or behind panels to create a dramatic effect when they are switched on.

illuminazione led per libreria soggiorno moderno

Another effective solution is to use internal lighting on shelves to draw attention to display units and their contents.

vetrina con illuminazione interna per soggiorno moderno

To sum up, a good combination of natural and artificial lighting is essential for transforming your living room into an inviting space. Attention to lighting details improves visibility and, just as importantly, helps define the style and overall atmosphere of your modern living room space.

Accessories and decorations to complete your modern living room

Accessories and furnishings are key to the finished look of a modern living room. Carefully selected occasional tables, mirrors and solutions for indoor plants can transform a space and create a room that is both personalised and on trend.

Coffee tables are not only handy places to put things but are elements of style in their own right. Available in several forms, colours and materials, they help create the harmony of the overall composition and add a modern accent to the living room, wherever they are placed.

tavolino da caffè di design per salotto moderno
tavolino da caffè rotondo per salotto moderno

Mirrors play the two-fold role of visually enlarging a space and adding a decorative feature to walls. Original, modern mirrors are interesting focal points that further brighten a room by reflecting both natural and artificial light. These decorative elements provide a seal of elegance to a living room’s design.

specchi di design per salotto moderno

Santalucia Mobili has embraced the idea of bringing nature into furniture design by incorporating metal plant holders into the tops of wall and base units. A solution that is an opportunity to inject green life into the home and also to create a connection between modern design and the natural world.

porta piante da appartamento per soggiorno moderno
mobile porta piante per soggiorno moderno

Technology and the modern living room

Equipping a modern living room with technology is the key to creating a fresh space that makes everyday life more convenient.

Santalucia Mobili wall systems and bookcases provide intelligent solutions that incorporate the TV within a clean, modern design and avoids the need for the classic TV stand.

libreria con porta tv per soggiorno moderno

Base units can also contain wireless charging for smartphones to eliminate the chaos of cables.

dispositivo wireless per soggiorno moderno

For music and film enthusiasts, audio systems can also be incorporated with style. Choose minimal speakers and soundbars that blend seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of the living room and position them strategically to maximise the sound experience without compromising the modern look of the space.

The next step for your modern living room is to add smart home solutions, from lights to thermostats, to control the main features of your space with smart devices. Just make sure that switches and controls are well concealed and incorporated into furniture.

Keeping it fresh

The durability of a modern style depends on how adaptable it is to incoming furniture trends. Here are 3 tips for ensuring your modern living room stays current:

  1. Invest in versatile, timeless furniture: choose quality items that outlive short-term trends to ensure a sound, long-lasting canvas for your room. Furniture with clean lines and timeless design adapt to changes without the need to completely overhaul the entire design of the room.

  1. Update accessories: a quick and easy way to keep up with new trends is to change cushions and decorative details. These small changes enable you to innovate your living room without having to change larger, more costly items.

  1. Vary the colour palette: keep your living room modern by changing the colour of cushions, textiles and decorative items. Revamp them with new tones and colours in line with the seasons, without lifting a paintbrush or replacing furniture items.
soggiorno moderno piccolo con angolo studio

To conclude, designing a modern living room takes an artful combination of design, colour, lighting and technology. We have explored all the essential ways you can make a living room feel “bespoke” and fresh. Beginning with a careful assessment of the space and the importance of a colour palette that reflects the personality of those who will be using it, then moving on to essential furniture, strategic lighting and accessories and technology to complete the finished look and simplify life.

Follow these steps and your plans for a modern living room can become a reality. Explore the countless furniture options that Santalucia Mobili has to offer to find fresh, modern solutions that are right for your space and your style. See the Homy Giorno Modules and the Homy Giorno Side Panels catalogues for inspiration for designing your own unique living room space.