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5 neat bookcases for compact spaces

24 November 2022

Bookcases don’t have to be big and bulky. The Homy collection includes compact designs for creating a cosy book nook. Whether as a standalone unit, in pairs or combined with other furniture, even a small bookcase can add a practical touch to any room in the house, from the living room to the master bedroom, and the hallway to a children’s bedroom.

#1 A small designer bookcase

The ‘zigzag’ style design, tall metal frame (124.7 cm) and custom colour choices make Snake the perfect bookcase for the modern home. 

Books can be laid flat in the front part and stood up at the back, creating an original, mixed arrangement.

In the image below, a pair of Snake bookcases has been used to furnish a compact dining-room wall space, introducing a living-room feature into the home’s most convivial space.

#2 A small decorative bookcase

With Viper, your books become part of a real decorative design. The S-shaped metal structure is 1 metre tall and features a straight back panel. It can be customised in all matt lacquered and metallic finishes.

As shown in the image, this bookcase is at its decorative best when several elements are used together, and it finishes off the wall design when mounted above a sideboard or other piece of furniture.

#3 A small versatile bookcase

Hanging divider Alveare is a bookcase unit available in two sizes: 137.7 cm and 183.6 cm, featuring alternating compartments with and without backs.

It can be mounted vertically or horizontally. By positioning multiple units side by side, either aligned or staggered, you can create a practical feature that also looks fantastic.

In the images shown, hanging divider Alveare stylishly finishes off an entrance and hallway – often tricky spots to furnish.

#4 A small minimalist bookcase

Light is a linear, open-fronted unit that comes in three different widths: 61.2 cm, 91.8 cm and 122.4 cm. This simple, understated piece provides the perfect platform for creating a fun, colourful wall composition.

As shown in the image, by combining multiple, carefully spaced units, you can create a practical wall design without needing any extra furniture.

#5 A small backlit bookcase

Aqua was created as a connecting element between two wall units, but it can also be used on its own or with other identical units to create a ‘Tetris’ effect.

The built-in lighting emphasises its geometric design, which comes in a wide choice of matt lacquers and metallic finishes. You can really have fun with shape and colour with this piece. 

Whether you’re looking for designer, decorative, versatile, minimalist or backlit, choose the bookcase that best suits your needs and space.