New horizons, and the dawn of a new day - Santalucia

New horizons, and the dawn of a new day

16 October 2023

September was a month of new beginnings at Santalucia Mobili. “The dawn of a new day” is both the launch slogan for the new Homy living room collection, and the concept behind an important moment in our brand journey.

After the success of our Homy bedroom collection, we set ourselves another challenge: reimagining the living room – the heart of the home – offering the same quality and attention to detail, but with innovative designs and new products.

Dawn is when night comes to an end, making way for daylight, bringing new life and energy. This is why we chose this concept to present the Homy living room collection. We wanted to represent the transition from one phase to another, from the more intimate, restful bedroom space to the living space, full of life and interaction.

With “The dawn of a new day”, we wanted to convey the enthusiasm and optimism of launching a new collection. It’s an invitation to look ahead and embrace a bright future, which will see us continuing to bring our modern designs to homes around the world.

Homy living room launch event

On 15 September, we held the launch event for the new Homy living room collection in San Quirino (in the province of Pordenone) at the Centro di Catalogazione della flora e della fauna dei Magredi, an archiving centre for local flora and fauna.

We welcomed agents, employees and collaborators into this multifunctional space spanning some 1,500 m2, and shared our new products and designs. It was a rich day of talks that created a real buzz. Our new furnishing collections were on display and visitors could see the new finishes first hand. It was also an opportunity to bring together everyone involved with Santalucia Mobili to discuss and exchange ideas.

Watch the event video.

Last but not the least, the launch of the Homy living room collection was also the perfect time to redesign our website. Visitors can now find new themed sections that better represent Santalucia Mobili’s passion for design and distinctive character, and can enjoy a more engaging and intuitive browsing experience.

Homy living room collection at Feria Hábitat Valencia

We presented a preview of our Homy living room collection at Valencia’s Hábitat trade fair – a major international furniture & design event – on 19-22 September.

We were particularly proud that interior designer and dean of the Colegio Oficial de Diseñadores de Cataluña (CODIC) Xavier Martin paid a visit to our stand, highlighting Santalucia Mobili’s international standing.

Xavier Martin

Our Export Manager, Cristian Mella, was also interviewed about Hábitat for Spanish TV broadcaster TVE. This further confirmed the importance of participating in this type of event, underlining Santalucia Mobili’s commitment to promoting Italian design abroad.

Watch the interview (from 8:16 minutes).

The Homy living room collection was well received, particularly its new versatile, more modular and easily customisable furnishing ranges. These products work to suit contemporary living needs, while maximising functionality and style.

We hope you enjoy discovering the new Homy living room collection day by day.