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How to choose the perfect dining table

9 May 2019

Choosing the perfect dining table is harder than it might seem. Compared to other types of furniture, a table has an important, symbolic value: it is the centre of the home, the place where friends and relatives gather for dinner.

Dining rooms used to be commonplace in our homes, somewhere to host Sunday lunches or dinners, or to celebrate events. The room was usually immaculate, precisely because it was designed for guests. There were often display cabinets proudly showing off the best silverware, and a large, elegant dining table to sit around.

Today, the dining room is no longer as common. Our lifestyles have changed and, instead of having specific rooms for specific purposes, we tend to prefer fluid rooms and open spaces. This means that the dining table is often found in the living room, or somewhere between the living room and the kitchen.

Below you will find some useful advice on how to choose the right dining table to suit your needs, and some tips on how to find the right place for it in your space.

Choosing the shape of your dining table

1.The rectangular table

Dining tables are most commonly rectangular. This shape allows you to fit many guests around your table.
A rectangular table can be relatively long or more compact, depending on the space you have available. If you enjoy cosy dinners with a few close friends, then a table measuring less than 2 metres will be more than enough. Nestor is compact but has a great design, thanks to its unusual geometric legs.

If, on the other hand, you prefer having lots of guests over, why not go for a long table like Oliver? It can reach up to 2.4 metres while still looking lightweight. This is thanks to the thin top and original legs and base.

2.The extensible table

For those looking for an ultra-practical table, the best choice is by far a space-saving extensible table. Santalucia Mobili offers models such as Tratto, which has a modern look and an easy-to-use extension mechanism. When you want to make more space, the table can be extended from 1.6 metres to almost 2.1 metres and back again, in just a few simples moves.

Atollo extends by 50 cm and another 50 cm again to reach a total of 2.6 metres in length, from its original 1.6 metres. When closed, it takes up no extra space than a standard table, but when open, it is perfect for large dinner parties.

3.The round table

Rectangular tables can create a form of hierarchy among guests, with those sitting at the head of the table being automatically more exposed. How many times have you witnessed guests looking embarrassed when it comes to deciding on who will sit at the end? This problem doesn’t exist with a round table like Norbert. Round tables encourage conversation, putting everyone on the same level and making sure nobody feels isolated.

Where to put your dining table

If your dining table is in the living room, it is important to find a spot where it is not in the way. It’s a good idea to put it somewhere near the kitchen, to make it easy to reach.

It is also important to make sure it is in a well-lit space, preferably somewhere where there is natural light. A good spot is in front of a window or glass door. If you have a nice view, the food tastes even better!

As a general rule, rectangular tables are best chosen for rectangular-shaped rooms, and round tables for square rooms. In fact, it’s important not to just take into consideration the shape of the table, but also its size with chairs. Add approximately 60 cm to each side (or to the radius, if the table is round), to make sure everyone can move comfortably around the space.

Follow this link for all of Santalucia Mobili’s products, including rectangular, round and extensible tables. By following some of the advice in this article, you are sure to find your perfect dining table.