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Homy: multiple styles for a unique bedroom

11 September 2020

Homy Notte is Santalucia Mobili’s latest furniture collection, designed to bring together form and function. It includes a selection of design solutions to furnish different corners of your bedroom, and not only, in style. This collection responds to fresh ways of living in and experiencing the home.

moodboard Homy notte

The new world of Homy Notte has been brought to life by designer Stefano Spessotto, also behind Ikona-branded products and other Santalucia Mobili collections.

Stefano Spessotto designer

The furnishing concept created works well in different contexts, from traditional to contemporary style, as well as renovation projects. It includes beds, storage units and wardrobes, each with a strong identity and featuring details that make the look, thanks to meticulous research.

Welcome to the world of Homy bedrooms, come on in!

#1 Homy bedrooms are… elegant.

Homy Notte would like to invite you into a traditional-style house, a place where you can rediscover the true value of elegance.

Homy Notte pieces are at home in spaces with a distinctly classical feel, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


The furniture flaunts textured finishes in warm, calming shades, with soft, inviting shapes, just like the Ander bed. You can also find furniture used in new ways, such as the Michelangelo occasional table which has been turned into a bedside table. Stylish details make Santalucia Mobili’s product range even more original.

letto con testiera imbottita

The Nuit wardrobe with sliding doors is the feature piece in this bedroom. The glass and mirrored doors perfectly highlight the room’s elegant aura.

armadio ante scorrevoli in vetro e specchio

#2 Homy bedrooms are… contemporary.

Now let’s take a look inside a modern home with contemporary spaces – where Homy Notte really comes into its own.

architettura di design

IWhen it comes to pleasing contemporary tastes, these pieces adapt to suit spaces of varying shapes and sizes, from large to small. The goal is to offer something that is aesthetically functional in every context.

letto con testiera pannelli boiserie

One practical and stylish way of furnishing large and small spaces is the modular Zefiro bed: the headboard is fixed to the wall, comes in three different lengths, and features an incorporated bedside table. The result is an interesting space-saving solution.

letto con soluzione comodino integrato

Here too, the wardrobe is a feature piece in this bedroom composition. It comes with sliding or hinged doors and can be positioned in passageways between one room and the next, or used for more than just storage, as a console vanity unit or study space. The architecture of this composition is fluid and adaptable.

aramdio multi funzione che diventa parete divisoria

Furnishings and accessories bring additional stylish touches to the bedroom, as well as other spaces in your home. Take the Diana mirror: it is multifunctional and works equally well in the bathroom.

specchiera Diana multi funzione

#3 Homy bedrooms are… romantic.

As our style journey comes to a close, Homy Notte invites you to explore this renovated home with a romantic feel.

Renovated buildings, converted into living spaces, offer all of the comforts of sophisticated, contemporary interior design, typical of urban living. Homy has adopted a classic-modern style, mixing and matching elements to create a harmonious look.

camera in stile modernico

Here too, the wardrobes are one of the feature pieces in the room. The Tandem wardrobe honours tradition with hinged doors but counteracts this with a textured, modern finish.

armadio con anta battente Homy

This mixture of different styles can also be seen in the choice of the Grecale bed and bedside tables from the Quadro Filo range. With a minimalist design, they work perfectly as part of this classic-inspired look.

comodini e letto stile minimal

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