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Young interior design is Pratico

15 January 2019

What do young people look for in furniture?
Style and functionality, but also the best price-to-quality ratio. All of this can be found in the bedroom and living room collections by Pratico, designed especially for young people looking to furnish their first home, or for those furnishing a second home.

Interior design must, above all else, adapt to the style of those living in the space, no matter their age. When we think about young people, we think of an active, dynamic lifestyle. To counteract those busy days always on the go, the living space needs to be somewhere calming to relax in, with all of the home comforts. However, it also needs to be a space that is easy to organise and manage, to leave plenty of time for leisure activities and relaxation. What’s more, the front door is always open to friends and family, where they are welcomed into a fresh and informal space.

Pratico builds on these ideas when it comes to designing a home to suit young people, from the living room right through to the bedroom.

Linearity and originality in the living space

Young people tend to want simple, modern furniture. The interior space, especially the living area, should be akin to a blank canvas, ready to incorporate all of those personal items and decorations that show personality.

This is why Pratico offers highly customisable modular compositions for the living room space. These include floor-standing and hanging elements, as well as closed and open units, which can be arranged freely on the wall to create a composition that most suits individual needs.

In addition to being practical, thanks to the numerous storage compartments (a must if you live in a small apartment), a living room by Pratico is also about style. Linearity is key here: the doors are handleless, which keeps the design clean and minimal.

The range of finishes plays with tactile effects, from veined wood grain to matt lacquers, through to textured finishes, all of which are available in natural, neutral tones for a look that is right on trend.

An original, inspired touch is also never far away: the sharp, oblique cut on the unit fronts reveals a space for storing books and displaying trinkets and ornaments. A detail like this one adds just the right dose of personality and creativity to the living room.

Style and function in the bedroom

In a vibrant, young home that is always open to guests, the only truly private space is the bedroom. Pratico furnishes this area of the home with the idea of creating a space that is all about comfort and serenity, without ever compromising on functionality and organisation.

Neutral tones are the order of the day in the bedroom space too, with simple, linear lines and special attention being paid to individual style and needs. The Cupido bed with a soft headboard and upholstered frame, for example, is designed for those who are looking for comfort above all else.

Whereas the Mistral bed features an original headboard with asymmetrical panels and is designed for those who want to bring some original, creative flair into their bedroom.

All of the elements in the bedroom space have been designed to be mixed and matched together to create a harmonious look. For example, the drawers with asymmetrical fronts in the Ambra range match the decorative insert on the Flò wardrobe.

In the same vein, the groove grip from the Joy collection echoes the vertical lines on the “J” hinged wardrobe doors.

And let’s not forget that good organisation is paramount in interior spaces like the bedroom. For this reason, the bedroom features capacious wardrobes that do not crowd the space. They have a minimalist design that lightens the visuals without compromising on storage space. The dresser and bedside cabinets add more storage space to ensure everything has its place and the room is always kept tidy.