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5 furniture must-haves for a hotel room

9 July 2019

Whether it’s on a trip for business or pleasure, a hotel room is a place to relax in and catch some shuteye. It needs to be a practical, comfy space that is inviting and designed to fit guests’needs. At Santalucia Mobili, the Hotello range created by brand Pratico, has been designed to offer furniture solutions especially for the hospitality sector.
Here are 5 things every hotel room should have to ensure guests feel 100% at home.

#1 A comfy, stylish bed

A comfy bed is the first step towards a good night’s sleep. If you add in some stylish touches in the choice of finishes, the bedroom can take on a whole new personality. This makes for a pleasant stay centred around comfort and style.
How can you make the bed an original feature? Our advice would be to choose a headboard that really represents the style of your accommodation. Headboards serve both a functional and an aesthetic purpose, and are available in a variety of different materials and colours.

For example, the headboard can be simple and minimalist, without any upholstery, or it can be made from wood panelling. By adding upholstered faux leather inserts, you can create a geometric pattern on the wall. This creates a sophisticated design and the soft padding immediately invites relaxation.

#2 The desk as a home office corner

A desk is an absolute must for guests travelling on business.
It helps you work comfortably from your hotel room, providing a functional space for everything you need to work. As a handy surface for laptops, books and paperwork, it is even more practical when furnished with a desk lamp.

#3 The minibar for a convenient snack

Having a minibar in a hotel room can be a real added bonus when it comes to making guests feel welcome. They are ideal for enjoying a quick snack. This unit needs to blend in with the style of the room and fit into the space in the best way possible. One example could be a recessed installation, incorporating the bar into the desk.

#4 A luggage rack to keep things tidy

In a bid to make the best use of the available space in the room, and to keep things tidy, you cannot be without a luggage rack.
This accessory is ultra-practical, and something everybody always look for as soon as they enter the room. The first thing you want to do is put down your bags so they don’t get in the way when you are moving around the space – especially when the room is quite compact.

#5 A wardrobe and clothes hangers for all your possessions

By providing your guests with functional storage spaces in the room, you can help them to enjoy the experience to the full.
Space-saving wardrobes with mirrored doors and a tall unit with open compartments ensure the room is fully fitted out and functional for your guests. The Hotello range by Pratico offers all of these solutions, ensuring all storage and practical needs are met.

To complete the room design, we also recommend adding in a clothes hanger panel with hooks for coats and jackets. As an added extra, position a handy mirror nearby, for those guests who always want to look their best.