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Santalucia Mobili and OVS: design meets fashion

7 November 2019

Santalucia Mobili has been chosen to kit out 1,300 OVS window displays in Italy and around the world. Giovanni Fasan, managing the project at OVS, tells us more about this important partnership in the interview below. We look at everything from how Santalucia Mobili was chosen as the official furniture supplier for the new displays, right through to where the fashion brand sees itself today and in the future.

Design and fashion are two different but closely related worlds. They share an ongoing quest for new colours and materials, from creating new trends and styles to implementing new processes for creating and manufacturing products. Design and fashion run in parallel. When they meet, as in this case, the result is a shared, personalised project.

Interview with giovanni fasan, ovs project lead for the new displays

How did you come up with the window display concept?
The concept was created by our Visual Merchandising Department to revamp the OVS network window displays, creating sleeker, more modern and functional spaces. It was a long, complex project, but that was to be expected as one of the aims was to involve the whole network, both in Italy and abroad. We touched base a lot as a team, and each one of us knew exactly what stage we were at, at any one time. Having a supplier that was forthcoming was a really important part of this: taking part in meetings on more than one occasion, putting forward solutions, monitoring progress, etc.

How many points of sale have been reorganised?
In Italy alone we have kitted out 568 shops and 1,025 other structures. Abroad, as things stand, we have 163 window displays in 24 countries.

How did you hear about Santalucia Mobili?
We had already heard about the company before. After some research online and then some direct contact, we could definitely see that Santalucia Mobili was a reliable, structured business. We knew we could ask for a comprehensive offer for our project.

Why did you choose Santalucia Mobili for the project?
Given that it was a really important project, we were in touch with a lot of different companies, both in Italy and abroad. Santalucia Mobili put forward a solid, comprehensive offer. In addition to the financial aspect, there were several other factors to take into account such as production capacity, professionalism, the ability to suggest improvements and space availability.

You came to visit our production facilities. Was it how you imagined it?
It was a pleasant surprise. We honestly didn’t expect it to be so well structured. Santalucia Mobili has great production capacity and is responsive to new projects, even ones that are completely new and different.

How would you describe this collaboration between fashion and furniture? Often it is seen as a winning combination.
They are two very similar worlds with various things in common: they are constantly evolving; they both require attention to detail, innovation and design. This experience has shown that when both parties want to do a great job, the end result is a guaranteed success.

Santalucia Mobili has recently launched its Fresh product line in three colours: Amarena, Cedro and Zucchero. What colours will OVS be focusing on in the coming season?
Even though we are partners, I’m afraid I can’t reveal all. It’s a secret! Jokes aside, in the clothing world, colours are cyclical and they change at a much faster pace. They are dictated, in part, by the season and, in part, by constantly changing fashions. I have had the chance to see the Fresh line myself and I must say that these bright splashes of colour add a really personal, alternative touch.

What are the strengths of the OVS brand today?
Democratic pricing and widespread coverage are without doubt two of our cornerstones, as recognised by the market.

OVS continues to grow as a brand. Do you think the partnership with Santalucia Mobili can add value?
Certainly. As I said, any job well done is the best business card you can have. Projects of this size imply that there is no customer-supplier relationship. Here we have two partners that are working together to achieve a shared goal.

At Milan’s Salone del Mobile event, we launched the “DESIGN IS” contest, asking our visitors and customers what design means for them. Our followers told us that design is “my home style”. What does design mean to OVS?
Design means transforming a wish or inspiration into reality.

What projects does OVS have in mind for the future?
Where do I start?

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