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Ideas for furnishing your entrance: practical, modern solutions

2 February 2024

The entrance is the first place you see in a house and it’s also your launch pad into the outside world. It’s the staging area where you welcome guests but that also acts as a transition zone between life inside and life outside the home. It’s here that we make and give our first impressions, that those coming into the home are given a warm reception, and also where our daily routine starts and ends.

mobile per ingresso moderno con appendiabiti

In terms of design, the entrance plays a fundamental role in defining the general tone of the home. For outsiders, it is a statement of style and personality that gives them a taste of what to expect. Materials, colour, lighting and furniture can be used to create an inviting atmosphere that communicates an inviting sense of comfort.

In functional terms, it’s the area of the home where we leave our keys, hang up our coats and jackets, and take off our shoes after a long day. The entrance is our first refuge when we get home and the place where we find everything we need on our way out. That’s why this space needs to be organised and efficient, with intelligent solutions to ensure it stays clean and in order.

In this post, we explore the importance of designing a modern entrance that is both functional and stylish. We’ll see how to transform it into a space for welcoming guests in style that is still practical for everyday living.

The evolution of the entrance

Like all areas of the home, the entrance has evolved through the ages in line with social, cultural and architectural changes.

For ancient civilisations, such as the Greeks or the Romans, the entrance was often modest and functional and mainly served as an access route to the house. Yet, even back then signs of the homeowner’s social status were on display, such as sculpted doors, columns and arches.

As architecture has evolved, the entrance has played an increasingly important role in the overall style of homes. In medieval Europe, the entrances to noble homes were often imposing and decorated with complex architectural details and symbols of power and prestige.

In the Renaissance, as interest in art and culture grew, entrances to homes became works of architectural art, with sculpted doors and facades decorated with frescoes and low reliefs. Entrances were not mere access areas, but also served to display the wealth, good taste and culture of aristocratic families.

With the advent of the bourgeoisie and the democratisation of design in later centuries, further changes were seen in the way entrances were designed. Entrances to the homes of the bourgeoisie in the 19th century featured elegant furniture and ornamental mirrors, revealing the desire to impress guests and create a sophisticated, inviting atmosphere.

In the 20th century, urbanisation and new lifestyles led to increasingly functional and versatile entrances. Architects and designers began to consider them a transition space between the inside of the home and the outside world. Thus, we see the addition of such elements as coat cupboards for outerwear and accessories, and benches where you could sit down and take off your shoes.

A key aspect of entrances today is that they have to combine functionality, style and personality. Modern entrances can be minimal and simple, or decorated and complex. Regardless of the approach chosen, entrances are places where guests are welcomed and should reflect the identity of the occupant.

Modern styles and trends

Every entrance has its own style, which usually reflects our personal tastes, but also the general design of the rest of the home. A classic entrance has “traditional” furniture, whereas innovative solutions and eye-catching colours are on display in a modern entrance.

A classic entrance

Choosing a classic style for the entrance to your home will usually lead you to furniture pieces that evoke elegance and refinement. Console units are a timeless solution. Their sleek outline and narrow depth make them perfect for smaller spaces. The console unit in this photo is impressive in its simplicity and rigorous form, featuring open compartments in tone with the wall behind it and a closed compartment providing storage space for various items.

However, functionality is not the only important feature of this piece: it is also delivers in aesthetic terms. The console unit enhances the space with classic charm and conveys an immediate sense of elegance to all who come through the door.

mobile consolle per ingresso moderno

A modern entrance inspired by design

Furniture pieces, like the one in the photo, that are markedly geometrical, multifunctional and have colour details are definitely as well suited to the entrance of a modern apartment or house. By combining the functionality of a bookcase, a shoe cupboard and a storage surface, this solution is perfect for a style that embraces contemporary design. The ability to incorporate several functions into a single structure is a reflection of a more fluid and versatile approach to modern interior design. Colour details add personality and fun to the space and help create an entrance that is inviting, yet surprises and inspires.

mobile con scarpiera per ingresso moderno

A Scandinavian style entrance

A Scandinavian style entrance has a minimal and functional aesthetic. Beginning with the coat stand, a key item of furniture practically all year round in Northern Europe. But the true mark of a Scandinavian entrance is the bench, for guests to remove their shoes and preserve the cleanliness of the home. So a bench is an essential, convenient and comfortable place to sit down and take off your shoes in practical, elegant style.

ingresso moderno con panchetta e appendiabiti

Functional furniture for an inviting entrance

Functionality is just as important as aesthetics in an entrance, especially when it comes to organising shoes, jackets and keys. Santalucia Mobili has several solutions that are not only practical but add distinctive style to entrances.

A low storage unit with drop-down opening and sloped shelves is a handy shoe organiser, one that doesn’t replace a full shoe storage unit, but provides space for footwear used more often. A multifunctional panel adds more functionality with coat hooks on one side, a mirror in the centre and storage shelves on the other side.

mobile per ingresso moderno con scarpiera, specchio e appendiabiti

If space is at a minimum, the same pieces can be installed in a corner. Coat hooks, a mirror and a storage unit doubling as a bench provide a compact yet super functional solution.

mobile ad angolo per ingresso moderno con contenitore

This photo presents an all-in-one solution with full-length mirror, coat rail, storage shelves and a low platform.

mobile per ingresso moderno con appendiabiti e specchiera

Compositions with platforms can be enclosed in an alcove like the one in this photo. Here, a tall unit has been installed to provide concealed storage space for shoes and other items.

mobile in nicchia per ingresso moderno

Wardrobes for accessorised storage

One efficient, practical solution for larger entrances with, say, a self-contained transition room between the interior and exterior, could be to install spacious storage units. These could be accessorised wardrobes, with specific visible or concealed compartments, such as an area for outerwear and space for footwear. While ideal for storing jackets and shoes, such solutions also allow you to keep everything clean and tidy, an aspect that is more important than ever.

Bridge wardrobes incorporate accessories in their structure, such as a mirror for a quick check before you leave the house, and handy storage shelves for hats, gloves, shoes and other accessories, or simply for ornaments and decorations. All useful in a part of the home that is practically a dressing room.

armadiaturas con angolo spogliatoio

A more compact solution, but one that is nevertheless very stylish, is to install a unit accessorised with a shelf and a comfortable pouffe. This is a great, convenient place to leave bags, but is also somewhere you can patiently wait for everyone to get ready before heading out of the door.

aramdiatura struttura a ponte con angolo spogliatoio

Accessories and details that make a difference

Accessories and details play a crucial role in the design of an entrance, because they are a chance to add style, character and functionality to this important area of the home.

The right lighting and colours can dramatically transform the visual impact of the space. Always opt for lights that create a welcoming, inviting atmosphere to help guests feel at home as soon as they enter. Pale colours and luminous materials are a particularly effective way of visually enlarging spaces, especially small ones. Brighter colours, on the other hand, can be used to add personality to larger entrances.

soluzione per ingresso moderno

Accessories are the final touches to the design of an entrance. Mirrors provide depth and are handy for quickly checking your appearance before you leave home. Rugs add warmth and define a space, especially in open-plan homes. Lamps and spotlights are focal points and create ambience. Artwork in the form of paintings and sculptures enhance walls and add another dimension to the space. Plants bring colour, but also purify the air and create a natural, inviting atmosphere.

ingresso zona giorno moderna

Multifunctional accessories that add style

When space is limited and there’s no room for extra storage, one option is to add multifunctional accessories. The Atena mirror, for example, is the perfect wall accessory for a small entrance, with a shelf and coat storage concealed at the rear. All that’s missing is a floor lamp for a warm, inviting ambience.

specchiera con vano contenitore per ingresso moderno
vano contenitore specchiera per ingresso moderno

Or save space by installing the visually lightweight Free wall-mounted shelf, then add a chair and an adjustable light for a convenient desk.

mobile per ingresso moderno con scrittoio

Create an inviting entrance with practical and convenient compositions of Akka shelves, like those in the photo.

mensole di design per ingresso moderno

Very small entrances can benefit from multifunctional pieces, like this unique and original Matisse coat stand and pouffe.

pouf con funzione appendiabiti

In conclusion, designing an entrance is an essential part of designing a home, requiring lots of attention to functionality and aesthetics. With the right combination of functional furniture, proper lighting, captivating colours and amazing accessories, you can create an entrance that not only makes a great first impression, but also functions as an inviting, convenient space. Large or small, your entrance can be transformed into a welcoming area of the home for you and your guests alike.

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