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5 Homy ideas for furnishing tricky spaces

25 October 2022

Many of us find ourselves needing an ad-hoc furnishing solution to make the best use of a tricky space, from niches, compact rooms and lofts, to open spaces and problematic corners. Homy by Santalucia Mobili has an answer to every question, plus plenty of ideas on how to make your home as comfortable as possible.

# 1 Fitted corner wardrobes

Corner designs are great for creating space and adding practical new purpose-built features. Take the closed dressing unit, which can be fitted with shelves, mirrors and inserts to create a mini walk-in wardrobe.

Whether in a bedroom, wardrobe space or laundry room, a dressing unit is perfect for neatly storing away clothes you’ve worn during the day or for getting dressed in a flash in the morning, having everything to hand.

#2 Mirrored niche wardrobes

Wardrobes can also provide the ideal furnishing solution even outside the bedroom space, thanks to the different configurations available. Why not try one in an entrance, hallway or living area to make full use of the depth of a niche?

For example, the Nuit sliding-door wardrobe not only offers plenty of storage space, it can also be used to set the tone for the room’s interiors, by dividing the door into horizontal or vertical panels. Adding in a mirrored panel is both useful and decorative, in any room in the house.

#3 Made-to-measure wardrobes for sloping ceilings or lofts

Homy’s wardrobe collection also includes solutions for more complex architectural needs such as loft spaces, mezzanines or rooms with varying ceiling heights. If these spaces are not well thought out during the design stage, you risk wasting valuable square footage.

The Liscia hinged model is the most versatile in adapting to any situation, as the individual units can be fully made to measure (depth, height and width).

#4 Bridge wardrobes for compact spaces

Bridge designs are a great way to do more with less space. They carve out the perfect compartment within the wardrobe’s structure, which can in turn house other pieces of furniture or furnishings in the room.

Bridge wardrobes can be designed and accessorised in different ways according to the space. Add a mirror, footstool and coat hooks in an entrance; a bed and TV in a bedroom; a mirror, drawer unit and clothes rail for a walk-in wardrobe; a chunky shelf and seat in a study; or shelves in a laundry room.

#5 Wardrobes with passageway for open spaces

In large rooms, it’s important to divide up and organise the space to give each area a purpose. Wardrobes with a bridged passageway differ from standard bridge units as the central compartment is backless and the open passageway has a different height, to allow you to pass through. These units are great in an open space for creating a ‘room within a room,’ without completely shutting off the area.

If you have a tricky space to furnish or a design you need made to measure, contact one of our dealers to find the Homy solution that best suits you.