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How to furnish and make the most of your corner spaces 

22 September 2022

Corners are often tricky spots to furnish, but not doing so is a waste of valuable space, even in the largest of homes. We have already explored how to furnish your space with a bridge wardrobe in a previous article, so here we want to focus on Homy’s corner designs and how they can be used.

Corner wardrobes with hinged doors 

In a bedroom or walk-in wardrobe space, a corner wardrobe composition makes use of a special corner piece to join together two separate units, creating a sense of continuity and increasing the available storage space.

The two-door dressing unit can be used either as a corner unit or as a wardrobe end unit. The three-door unit is only available as an end unit.

Corner walk-in wardrobes

There are various types of walk-in wardrobes: The Naked model, for example, is designed to adapt to corner compositions and helps you optimise the available space.

For utility spaces such as laundry rooms, open units can be combined with units with door fronts, to create open or closed spaces as required.

The Koby walk-in wardrobe also allows for corner configurations using a rack mechanism to which you can attach shelves and other handy accessories.

Perfectly kitted out corners

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to furnishing a corner space, but there’s plenty to take into consideration. Some people need more space for clothes, some would like a shoe rack, others want to create a storage cupboard, and others still prefer to see it as an extension of the main wardrobe.

You can kit out the inside of the dressing unit with a wealth of different accessories. In addition to the standard fittings, Santalucia Mobili has designed a dedicated range of practical accessories. These include a bench, a floating mirror with shelves, cubby holes and a mirror on the back panel.

Browse the catalogues Homy Wardrobes and Homy Walk-in Wardrobes to create your perfect corner composition!