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Organising spaces with bridging wardrobes

14 October 2021

When choosing a wardrobe, you need to consider aspects such as the style of the furniture, where it will go in your room, and your storage requirements, which may vary depending on the space. Among the different types of wardrobe available, bridging wardrobes are a multipurpose, space-saving solution, especially when space is at a premium. In this article, Santalucia Mobili presents the versatile wardrobes in the Homy collection.

soluzioni con armadio a ponte

Welcoming entrance space

Bridging units can provide practical, organised storage space, starting with the entrance. Having somewhere to store coats, shoes and accessories, as well as handbags or children’s school bags, can be really useful. To help you create this, Homy offers units you can configure in many different ways. One idea is to include a practical full-length mirror with coat hooks or shelves under the bridging unit. The size of the space varies according to the number of unit doors.

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Alternatively, if you have limited available space, why not add a cosy touch with a pouffe? Insert one on its own or with a handy ledge for your keys and coins, and shelving to create a display area.

armadio a ponte con pouf e mensolone

Versatile living space 

Bridging wardrobes also make a great furnishing solution in the living room. They offer the storage space you need shut away behind closed doors, while the open compartment under the bridge itself can be fitted with drawers and units, and the back panel used to house the TV and additional shelving.

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If you take away the back panel, the unit takes on a new purpose, creating an open passageway between two rooms, as you can see in the design below. Here, the floor-to-ceiling bridging wardrobes feature alternating open and closed modules, creating a less imposing look in the living area. This arrangement is particularly suited to large open spaces, creating a showstopping end result.

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Multipurpose bedroom space

Bridging wardrobes are perfect for a children’s bedroom, but also for a master bedroom: by taking advantage of the vertical height of the wall, you can optimise all the available space in the room. In a small master bedroom, the bed can be positioned under the bridging unit. And if the space is wide enough, you can also include a practical, versatile bedside table alongside to complete the look. For even more space-saving storage, opt for an Ottoman bed.

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Lo stesso vale per l’inserimenThe same goes for a single or queen bed in a small bedroom, such as a children’s or guest bedroom. Take advantage of the width of the bridging unit by inserting the bed underneath and avoid taking up floor space.

armadio a ponte letto singolo

In alternativa, If you prefer not to slot the bed underneath the bridging unit, another solution is to use the space as a dressing area. Add mirrors, drawer units, tall chests of drawers and clothes hooks: there’s everything you need for a new look.

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Another clever way of using the space under the bridging unit in a bedroom is as a workstation (essential in today’s world) or vanity area. By adding just a few elements, you can make maximum use of the depth of the unit and the back panel.

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Practical utility space

La modularità dell’armadiatura a ponThe modular build of the bridging wardrobe means it lends itself well to furnishing utility spaces such as a laundry area, especially where you don’t have a specific room for this purpose. Domestic appliances such as washers or dryers use the through space under the bridging unit and fit into the structure. Add shelves above to create a handy space for storing cleaning products within easy reach.

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