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Passing Modules

A wardrobe with hinged doors and a connecting bridge unit divides the spaces in front and behind and leaves a clear passageway below.

A space-saving solution

The bridging unit above and open passageway below frames the aperture, making use of the available space and acting as a partition between the two rooms.


Bridging units with a passageway differ from the standard model as there is no back panel
and the height of the open section is different to allow someone to pass through it.
There are fewer modular options available for this range:
two or three cupboards can be included across the width. 

2 door Passing Module

3 door Passing Module


Bridging units with a passageway are a great solution where a wardrobe is used to divide the space, ensuring you can still pass between the two rooms. The back of the wardrobe is finished with fixed doors. 

Bridging units with a passageway are also sized so as to be able to frame an existing door or passageway, where the wardrobe is resting against a wall. 

The top panel across the bridged passageway can be accessorised with integrated LED lighting.  


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