Elegance, Romantic and Contemporary: 3 moods for Homy Details. - Santalucia

Elegance, Romantic and Contemporary: 3 moods for Homy Details.

19 December 2023

Santalucia Mobili’s new Homy catalogue “Details” adds more to the brand’s range of furniture. The catalogue is available now online. Details is a collection of designer furnishings and accessories, transforming any corner of your home into a beautiful, functional space. It includes versatile pieces that work in different areas, suitable even for furnishing entrance spaces, which we’re using in increasingly multifunctional and fluid ways.

arredare zona giorno con complementi d'arredo

Homy Details presents a diverse range of units and accessories designed to suit your most concrete storage and aesthetic needs. This furnishing concept is represented in 3 different moods: Elegance, for those who love refined style; Romantic, for those who dream of delicate finishes and timeless materials; and Contemporary, for those who prefer modern, sophisticated furniture.

What makes this stylistic approach unique is the option to customise each finished piece of furniture in a wide range of finishes, materials and colours, to suit wide-ranging tastes and lifestyles. The Homy Details catalogue stimulates creativity. Each page offers style inspiration, guiding you in your furniture choices, to bring comfort and beauty to your home.

Find out more on our website: browse or download the Homy Details catalogue in the downloads area.