Freestanding Island - Santalucia

Freestanding Island

The perfect storage idea for larger wardrobe spaces or walk-in solutions.
It provides a central spot for storing and organising knitwear and footwear,
as well as creating surface space for laying out accessories.
Homy collection

Front and back

The freestanding island is designed to match the finishes in the Luxury composition
and can be configured in different ways on the front/back and can include drawers or open shelves,
suitable for shoes, for example.

isola modulo contenitivo per cabina armadio
The display area on the top of the unit can be closed off
with a glass shelf to create a case or left open to provide more surface space.


Body - Shelves

Matwood Dark

Body - Shelves


Open compartment top


Mat for top

Paris 140