MATERIALS - Santalucia


We use recycled and recyclable environmentally friendly finishes and materials for our products.
Our commitment to implementing a sustainable production process means we optimise our use of natural resources
and choose certified raw materials. Why? To safeguard our health and wellbeing, and our planet.

“In line with the commitment made to pursue quality, safety and environmental protection, we aim to place sustainability at the centre of all of our processes, starting with raw materials.”

Organic paints
for eco-friendly style

We use innovative wood paints to make our furniture. These solutions are made using renewable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly raw materials, to safeguard our planet and make sure you live in a salubrious home.

FSC® C119775 certified from packaging
to panelling

Being committed to sustainability also means choosing materials consciously: the paper and wood we use for our products are FSC® C119775 certified. These materials come from responsibly managed, controlled forests or are obtained by reusing resources, such as the wood panelling from the Ecological Panel Consortium – of which Santalucia Mobili is a member – which is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Silver Coat: coatings that are good for you

Product safety is another part of sustainability at Santalucia Mobili. That’s why we’re always looking for innovative solutions to help improve quality of life.
An example of this is Silver Coat. This coating is applied to the surfaces on the inside of our wardrobes. Its special silver-ion antibacterial properties can destroy some 850 pathogens, providing a concrete response to the need to ensure our modern spaces are clean, hygienic and sanitised – ideal for domestic environments and accommodation facilities alike.