BIO coatings, for more sustainable furniture - Santalucia

BIO coatings, for more sustainable furniture

28 June 2023

Santalucia Mobili increasingly chooses the raw materials and production materials for its furniture with sustainability in mind. Eco-friendly panelling, FSC-certified packaging and special antibacterial finishes are some examples, as are the innovative coatings used to treat wood.

ICA coatings are made from renewable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly raw materials and consist of a mix of water and resins of plant origin from controlled agriculture. They represent a viable alternative to substances such as petroleum. These coatings are also part of a production cycle which has a reduced impact on the environment. This has drastically decreased CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and forms part of a circular economy approach favouring resource reuse.

Paying close attention to raw materials is just one more way of demonstrating how crucial sustainability is at Santalucia Mobili, at every stage of the production process. The ongoing focus of production is on product quality and durability, starting with carefully chosen components that meet aesthetic and technical performance requirements, while also safeguarding the environment and human health.

Guided by the TO DO FUTURE project framework, Santalucia Mobili continues on its strategic journey towards truly sustainable change.