Your home office, by Pratico - Santalucia

Your home office, by Pratico

10 September 2021

September means back to school and back to work: it’s the perfect time to think about designing, or redesigning, your home office. We have all learnt that having this space at home is not just useful, it’s a real necessity. If you’re short on square footage, Pratico by Santalucia Mobili offers a whole host of functional solutions made to fit each room perfectly.

1# Home office wall composition

The layout below is the perfect solution if you have a whole study, no matter how compact, or if you want to create a home office in your living room – for example if you live in a studio flat.
This workstation makes full use of the wall space, in particular its height. A few simple but functional pieces – a base unit, desk and some wall units – have been combined to create an attractive composition.


If space is at a premium, wall-mounted units and pale colours are ideal for lightening the look and making the surrounding space feel bigger. You can also customise the wall composition and introduce movement with geometric shelving and open-fronted units.

2# Home office corner composition

If you have plenty of available space or a forgotten corner you could do more with, why not opt for a composition spread over two walls? Create a workstation that is fully kitted out, just like a real office. It’s a more structured look but works perfectly in the increasingly multifunctional living rooms of today.

In this example, floor-standing and wall-mounted storage units are arranged alongside open-fronted units to keep everything you need to hand. These functional pieces are ideal for furnishing chillout areas and workstations alike. Here they’ve been teamed up with a comfy Duse eco-leather chair.

3# Bedroom home office

Another space you can make use of for a workstation is the bedroom, in the same way as a children’s bedroom is often home to a study corner.

Sleek and simple, this kind of set-up works really well near a window, taking advantage of the natural light.

As an alternative to a traditional desk, the Cento shelf provides space for your books and computer. An open-fronted unit and the vast array of modular pieces in the Modo range add storage to complete the look. Always practical, never short on style.