Welcome to "La Casa Homy", Santalucia Mobili's showroom in Milan - Santalucia

Welcome to “La Casa Homy”, Santalucia Mobili’s showroom in Milan

24 June 2022

During Milan Design Week, Santalucia Mobili welcomed agents, trade operators and visitors to “La casa Homy”, its showroom on Viale Gorizia in Milan’s Navigli district, along the old Darsena dock. This renovated space was kitted out with all the new living room and bedroom collections, creating different looks and layouts.

The exhibition space was divided into three different areas, each with its own style. The three furnished “show apartments” have a living and bedroom area to inspire customers furnishing their own homes.

Milano Design Week

#1 Elegance mood

The first space has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A deep, intense grain from the Matwood Dark finish dresses the furniture and furnishings, including shelves, wall units and sideboards in the living room. It pairs well with neutral shades, for a classic yet understated feel.

Living appartamento 1

The central feature is the Luxury wardrobe with glass sides and doors. It marks the transition between the living room and bedroom, without completely separating the two spaces.

armadio Luxury appartamento 1
Zona notte appartamento 1

#2 Contemporary mood

The contemporary space combines aesthetics and practical features to make the most of the available square footage. In the living area, the bookcase includes storage units to create a dynamic wall composition with both open and closed volumes.

Living appartamento 2

This alternating pattern is carried through to the bedroom, where the Bold walk-in wardrobe is paired with closed-fronted units, for a modern, eye-catching look.

Zona notte appartamento 2

#3 Romantic mood

Renovating old buildings in the rural countryside is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Many are making the decision to leave behind the urban jungle and move back to something more authentic – without compromising on the comforts of contemporary interior design to meet the needs of modern living. This has led to the rise of a new retro-modern style.

“La casa Homy” showcases this style with its linear forms and minimalist furniture. In the living room, the units are a select few, with neutral tones and textured accents.

Living appartamento 3

In the bedroom, natural finishes accompany a whole range of practical features: the Koby walk-in wardrobe provides storage and display space, while the Scacco composition includes not only the bed but also pieces to create a multipurpose corner.

Zona notte appartamento 3

Beyond the living room and bedroom, the third apartment has a space dedicated entirely to the Luxury walk-in wardrobe, which also features built-in closed wardrobe space.

Cabina armadio appartamento 3

Visit “La casa Homy”:

Viale Gorizia, 20
Navigli – Milan

Monday to Saturday
10 am – 2 pm / 3 pm – 7 pm