Urbino: recycled fabric for eco-friendly furniture - Santalucia

Urbino: recycled fabric for eco-friendly furniture

9 November 2023

Santalucia Mobili’s approach to environmental sustainability also comes through its style. The new Urbino collection of recycled fabrics adds to the available range of furniture upholstery, confirming the company’s commitment to making increasingly eco-friendly products.

The Urbino fabric comes in 8 different colourways and is certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), which promotes responsible, sustainable development in the textile industry. Urbino cotton thread is obtained by processing waste from the fashion and knitting industry, particularly t-shirts. The offcuts are sorted into colours and mechanically torn up (without using chemicals) and reduced to fibres, before being mixed with a small quantity of pre-dyed polyester and acrylic fabric.

Sofas, wall panelling, footstools and chairs are dressed in sustainable style, bringing new life to waste materials. The recycling process reduces the volume of textile waste, while safeguarding the environment. This conscious, responsible choice represents another important step towards sustainable change for Santalucia Mobili.