Sustainability Report 2022 - Santalucia

Sustainability Report 2022

24 November 2023

Santalucia Mobili presented its third Sustainability Report, highlighting a growing commitment to conscious economic, social and environmental management.

The report explains the company’s business model, defining how innovation, sustainability and training are key pillars for long-term success. These factors improve competitiveness, but also demonstrate a concrete approach to building a sustainable future.

Sustainability Report 2022

The report also includes an in-depth analysis of the supply chain: environmental and social criteria form part of the supplier selection process at Santalucia Mobili. Local, sustainable suppliers and environmentally friendly materials are preferred: a bold step towards more eco-friendly manufacturing. This commitment not only reduces the impact on the environment, but also leaves a positive mark on the local economy and community.

Further highlights are the many social, sporting and educational causes Santalucia Mobili supports and promotes, contributing to community wellbeing and protecting the area it operates in.

Sustainability is one of Santalucia Mobili’s guiding principles, and ongoing efforts in this sense demonstrate how a responsible and conscious approach can positively shape a company’s growth path in the current climate.

For more information, download the Sustainability Report or read online.