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Santalucia Mobili is teaming up with Prata Volleyball Club

12 November 2021

Santalucia Mobili has confirmed that it will team up with the male volleyball team, Volley Prata, as a platinum sponsor for the 2021-2022 season. This partnership, between business and sport, demonstrates how Santalucia Mobili is committed to actively supporting the local community. It also provides an interesting opportunity to build new relationships and share experiences and objectives.ividere storie e obiettivi.


At the start of November, Volley Prata’s young players competing in the Serie A3 championship, together with their coaching staff, were the stars of an off-court event as guests at Santalucia Mobili. They were able to get to know the business and its team personally. At the meeting, we also had the pleasure of interviewing the coach, Dante Boninfante. During rallies of jokes (to use volleyball jargon), he told us a bit about himself and Volley Prata.l’altra – per dirla in gergo pallavolistico – si è raccontato e ci ha raccontato il suo Volley Prata.

Dante Boninfante allenatore Volley Prata e Jacopo Galli Direttore Generale Santalucia Mobili

Interview to Dante Boninfante, coach of Volley Prata

Over the years, you’ve gained considerable experience in volleyball, both on the court and on the bench alongside the coaching team. How does it feel to be a coach, and what does it mean to be at the helm of an A3 team?
Being at the helm of an A3 team is certainly a really great experience. For me, the journey started as a player and then as an assistant coach in Trento with another Super League team. Coaching isn’t just a commitment which gives you enormous satisfaction, but also a role which carries many responsibilities beyond the team’s results. In a very young team like Volley Prata, the coach takes on the role of teacher – with an emphasis on the boys’ development as athletes, and as people.

What have been the most significant moments of your experience at Volley Prata?
My experience with the Volley Prata team has been very short so far (I only arrived last year after the start of the season), but I’m sure that the most exciting times are yet to come. One of the most important moments so far was our first victory in front of a crowd; after months of work and training, the boys really felt it.

What does it take to work as a team, both on the court and in business, and what are Volley Prata’s strengths?
Volley Prata’s strengths include the fact that it’s a young and ambitious team, and one that wants to work really hard and will certainly improve greatly over the course of the championship. I think there’s a strong relationship between sport and businesses. Both areas are focussed on objectives and, in both, teamwork is essential for trying to achieve the best results. The two run in parallel.

Santalucia Mobili sponsor Volley Prata

What do you think of creativity as an element in both design and sport?
Creativity is a really great thing, and it goes hand-in-hand with innovation in both areas. At times, the way we see some ideas can lead to innovations, so it’s not just about keeping up with developments, but actually anticipating these changes. In sport, creativity is certainly about finding new ways of playing and training to improve your performance. In design, creativity is about being at the cutting edge.

What have you enjoyed about this meeting with Santalucia Mobili?
During these meetings, I’ve certainly enjoyed being able to get to know each other in person. Sharing experiences with our commercial partners – whose support ensures that the sporting season can take place and that the whole club can be managed – is also very important for us, because, behind the name on the shirt, there are stories and people to get to know.

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